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  1. actually we don't have it this semester, cause our classes on Thursdays are at Harlem Hospital, but feel free to ask us any questions on here
  2. @samanta, I remember u from last cycle, congrats on ur acceptence and always hard work pays off, I wish u a good luck
  3. Congrats, did u get interviewed by Robert brugna?
  4. We have Dr Joseph birgland in our staff. So may be its him
  5. Good luck everyone, you all worked so hard and I'm sure it will pay off. I'm a student in my second semester now, and I've noticed many students are applying for the second time. I used this forum when i applied last year and it was really helpful. NEVER GIVE UP and always be positive. Congrats for those who got an interview, and those who didn't, call and ask why and apply next year for the masters program. Send me any questions u have, plus we have club hours every Thursday 12.30-1.30 pm, u can just come and talk to many PA students. btw there are 4 seats already taken from previous students
  6. Hi guys, congratulations to those who got accepted. I had my interview April 17th and haven't heard anything yet. I believe that means a rejection. Do u have any idea if they are still accepting students. and for those who got accepted when did u receive the acceptance letter? and when was ur interview? do they send the decision by mail or email? thanks and good luck to everyone. Michael
  7. what do u mean by minority? are they racist? or make their decisions based off our ethnicities? I'm Egyptian btw and got 2 rejections from 2 other schools
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