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  1. DizzyJ, I know I was kind of looking for validation here but I really appreciate your very relevant reply. I'd like to think my education and 5+ years working in inpatient psychiatry / outpatient mental health might give me some help in getting started in the role. Regardless, I think your response will help me get an early start on applications during clinical year. Thanks!
  2. If I can hijack the thread for a second - I possess a MA in Clinical Psychology and will be looking at psych / behavioral medicine positions as a new grad. Can anyone weigh in as to whether or not that might give me some bargaining power?
  3. Came here to hear exactly this. I am bummed, but it's not over yet. And if I don't get it...it's not the end of the world. It's just....300k in debt plus my wifes 110k in debt and oh sweet.... I'll manage either way. Congratulations for everyone who got the invite letter! Best wishes jumping through the remaining hoops and do keep us updated when you are officially signed, sealed, and delivered.
  4. My credit check went through *fingers crossed with y'all* My credit is kind of atrocious right now...but I am hoping that proves my financial hardship and has them take pity on this poor PA student trying to turn his life around.
  5. Got my offer today! Dec 18th decision! This has been such a long long road for me - it's kind of surreal to be sitting here thinking about it. The only thing about MGH that gives me pause is the cost of attendance. If I can make it work - I think I could do worse than getting my PA education at the Charlestown Navy Yard. Congrats to all others who got the invitation! Congrats - potential classmate
  6. There are some people of sound mind and judgement in Boston it would seem, not that I had any doubts. Thank you very much for answering those questions, it was very helpful for going into this weekend. For all else, hope the 11/2 interviews went well and look forward to meeting people tonight and / or tomorrow. I haven't left VT yet, so not sure if I'll make it the Navy Yard tonight - gonna do my best!
  7. That is tremendously gracious of you to offer, and it certainly says something about you and the program! I am greatly looking forward to meeting you on the 3rd if not sooner. I am staying with my sister in Westborough so not sure if I will come into town on the 3rd or not. If people are meeting up I certainly will! If you are still willing to answer some questions publicly - What was biggest surprise during the didactic year about PA Student life? Someone familiar with the nursing program at MGH states that the "newness" of the program is apparent. Do you agree with that position? Any upsides / downsides that you are willing to share? I get the sense that this program values diversity in life and professional experiences. What does that look like in your cohort? Are most continuing education students with advance degrees in other fields? Mostly recent undergrad graduates with some patient care experience? What do you like the most about going to MGH? What the heck should we call the program / institute when speaking out-loud? "MGH"? "Mass General Hospital Institute" "Mass Gen PA Program" Will the Sawks win the world series? Thanks and see you in a week!
  8. So I submitted rather late thinking that I might be able to apply for January 2020 start - but apparently that is no longer possible with this program (I remember it was from previous application cycles). Does anyone know if the "rolling admissions" allows one to be waitlisted / considered for next cycle?
  9. This is a personal question from a stranger - so I would understand if you would rather not discuss it. If you would however - might I ask why you turned it down? Especially given that you work for the mass general health system? Any likes / dislikes you care to share about the work / learning environment?
  10. Thank you for giving that inside look at what a "day in the life" looks like. So it sounds like someone from another faith background, such as Judaism, would not be shunned at the institution? I realize that would be highly unlikely / illegal - but just wondering how that would impact relationships with faculty and other students. Forgive my northeast ignorance - the in laws live close to campbell so I am thinking of applying ahead of the upcoming deadline.
  11. OMG! Got my interview email today! Interview for Saturday, November 3, 2018 2nd year of applying this is my first ever interview offer, I am feeling quite humbled. Stats for those interested: GRE: Deferred for Masters Degree PCE: ~6000 hours Psychotherapist BCP: 3.4 Baccalaureate Science 3.12 Post-Baccalaureate Science 3.86 Overall GPA: 3.43 Glad I will be meeting some of you relative strangers there!
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