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  1. Thanks for all the advice everyone, I really appreciate it. I appreciate the heads up about the toughness of the special forces training as well, but I have been well aware of the hell that these men go through in training for a long time; I've seen the video set above already as well. That said, I'd still like to give it a go. I've begun training already and will have another two years or so to prepare before entering the program, so I think I stand a good chance in training. As for the biology degree, if it's a tried and tested path that'll get me to PA school, I think I will go with that route, mostly because if I go the nursing route then most of the credits I have already accumulated won't transfer to a BSN. Thanks for all the help everyone! I really appreciate it!
  2. Hello everyone! New to the forum and glad to be here! I'm very interested in a career as a PA and I'm trying to figure out which path I should take. I am getting ready to transfer to the University of Washington with the intent of earning a BS in general biology in order to meet my pre-req requirements and hopefully then a) getting an entry level medical job or b) joining the Air Force and go for Pararescue, both in order to gain some experience and to have some funding before going to PA school. I'm wondering if this is a common path that I can be confident in and run with, or if I should reconsider my options and change my degree while it's still relatively early. I'm running short on time, so any input is greatly appreciated! Thanks!
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