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  1. Hey guys! Does anyone know of any PA programs that offer advanced standing to graduates of international medical schools? I recently read on Baylor's PA program website that they do allow international medical graduates to skip the didactic year if they show competency through a test and just complete rotations and take the PANCE. Are there any other ones that do that as well?
  2. Not true for PAs. Most rotations are within orange county (Kaiser Permanente, St. Jude, CHOC etc) and LA county. There is one site in Brawley as well which is closer to SD. Hope this helps!
  3. You're welcome. I am a current PA student at MBKU. I will be helping out with the information session so I will see you there. Good luck!
  4. Hey Efsalaza Here are some of the tips for interview at MBKU: Don't be shy, the weather is really nice here so dress well, don't disrespect any other professions during your interview (such as NP, nursing etc), have a thorough understanding of the PA profession and be ready to answer what a PA means and what their role is. If you live locally, I highly recommend coming to the Open House on October 24th (need to RSVP) so you can get to know the faculty and some details about the program. It will help lower your anxiety on interview day if you tend to get nervous! Good luck :)
  5. Hey guys! I just got accepted off the waitlist and I am super excited. I can't wait to meet everyone. I just finished my background check form and the matriculation agreement. Does anyone know about the financial aid forms and which ones we need to submit since there are a few of them on the portal?
  6. Hi ANR2017! I was on the Top 10 list as well. I got accepted two days ago :) Have you heard from Leslie yet? It seems like some people got accepted as late as May last year :/
  7. Got accepted off the waitlist!!!! Can't wait to meet everyone.
  8. It seems like people got accepted off the waitlist last year starting in February. Has anyone heard back since they were waitlisted? Eagerly waiting...
  9. Hey guys! I was placed on the alternate list. Has anyone been accepted off the waitlist yet?
  10. Hey PA424. I definitely agree with you. It is much easier to find jobs if you attend a more well known program than a newer program but definitely go with your gut.
  11. I got placed on the alternate list :( What about everyone else? I interviewed on January 9th.
  12. I interviewed on January 9th as well. I am hoping to hear back this week as well. Good luck to you too!
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