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  1. Congrats!! Join our Facebook group! (If you have Facebook.. Lol)
  2. We went ahead and made a group for the Class of 2018! Look forward to meeting all of our classmates! :)
  3. I submitted my application to Nova in August and got an interview two weeks later!
  4. Just declined my interview offer. Good luck to everyone and I hope this opens up a spot for those of you still waiting! :)
  5. I submitted my application in June. I never received an under review email or anything from UTMB. Luckily I was accepted to my first choice school as I still have not heard anything from them.
  6. If you don't hear back this week, then anytime from now and January! There's still plenty of time and I think most of the class is decided in January! Don't lose hope though! :)
  7. I'll hold off on making a group! I heard that one will be made for us in the Spring!
  8. I sent you a pm! check it! :) So excited to be classmates!
  9. I don't think anyone has! I can start one!! I'll make it a private group!!!
  10. I received a call today! I'm in and so excited!!!! I can't wait until May!!
  11. The only advice for the MMI is to be yourself! There is nothing you can do to prepare for the interview, trust me! Just relax, go in and have fun!
  12. I finally received the "we are now in receipt of your application from CASPA" email. Hopefully I hear something soon!
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