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  1. So we need to have total gre score above 297 or individually as required??? I have emailed them two days back and still waiting..
  2. Hey thanks miss23.. I have less than 153 on verbal but over all 306..I am not sure if I should repeat it..Very confused..
  3. To all those who have applied in Baylor Health, would you mind sharing your (Verbal part) Gre score? The requirement is 153... Do we really need to have 153 and above in it to get an interview?? I would really appreciate your candid response. Thank you.
  4. @ rachiehayes: I really appreciate your response. I will mention it as u suggested. Thanks alot. I was about to submit my application.Thank God I read this.U r a true savior..lots of love...:))
  5. I am also very confused about this question. I am trying to figure out what would be difficult. I am trying for advanced placement course in PA.. I would really appreciate if someone could suggest something about this part. Also, in activities part, should we include employment part or extra-curricular activities also. For eg: I play badminton and have had taken dance courses. Should I mention this? Thanks.. Waiting for a response..
  6. Thanks Mr Bryanvt...I really appreciate it..:)
  7. Thanks KMD16... any suggestions for those groups..??
  8. Hey all.. I am an international medical graduate would like to shadow a PA. If anyone knows of a P.A. to shadow or any PA will to allow me to shadow for a month, I would really appreciate it. I would prefer in Chicago or Lousiana, Shreveport area..But any other state/ city would also be ok.. Please let me know or email me at aneshi154@gmail.com Thanks in advance..:))
  9. Hey all..I am an international medical graduate would like to shadow a PA. If anyone knows of a P.A. to shadow in Chicago or Lousiana, Shreveport area..Please let me know.Thanks in advance.. :)
  10. Hey Swati, I am also an IMG in the same boat. Contact me at aneshi154@gmail.com. Thanks and Regards...
  11. IMG--------> PA, is it possible??

    1. physio

      Yupp, it certainly is! Experience as an IMG would certainly be seen favorably by some PA programs for admission.

  12. IMG----> PA isit possible??

  13. Hey there, I need some advice on GRE.. Congratulations on ur achievements..Can u pls email me on aneshi154@gmail.com.. Thanks..:)
  14. Hey there, I am looking for same. Can you please guide or provide me some information regarding shadowing under PA?? Thanks all..
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