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  1. I may be the person Pinda is referring to (Sacha on the facebook page). I interviewed on Feb 11th and also got the acceptance phone call on Friday the 6th. It is starting to sound like everyone that got accepted got a call on that day, but I suppose something could have happened like they tried to get a hold of someone, but couldn't reach them and did not try again. So far I may be one of the only people to have received mail from them, so things are on the way. Hopefully early next week everyone will get their letters and finally have some peace and be able to start planning for the next part of the journey. Good luck to everyone.
  2. I got the phone call yesterday too. So excited! Cant wait to meet all of you that I am about to spend ridiculous amounts of time with. :) And for those that end up not getting accepted or are on the wait list, just remember that it is means you are definitely on the right tract to have gotten this far. Im definitely available for future questions. Its just such a crazy journey. And I cannot get on the facebook page. Any advise?
  3. Thanks! I'm checking my e-mail daily as well as my spam (thats where my interview invite went). I hope we hear soon. Good luck to everyone.
  4. Hi Bronsnat. My last name starts with H. It was also dated Jan 9th. Not sure about postmark
  5. YES! YES! I got my letter today with an interview for February 11th. If anyone else is interviewing this same day or near, please message me. It could be fun to meet up. This has been such a crazy journey and I'm so excited to have made it to this point. Please do not interpret this as gloating, seriously I have gone through job loss, medical issues, nasty divorce, best friend dying of brain cancer and putting 14 year old sweetest dog in the word down all while trying to transition from a profession of teaching to the hopeful medical profession of Physician Assistant and Stanford is by far, for many personal reasons, my first choice. This is a good day!!!!!! And good luck to everyone else in all ways possible! xoxoxo
  6. I have also been stalking the postman for about a week now. Ugh! He probably thinks I have a crush on him. ;)
  7. Thank you! This is very helpful. 150 out of 700 actually seems like a high percentage of people being interviewed. I wish everyone the best!
  8. I am curious about exact start date for 2015. Anyone know? And what about specific breaks like winter or spring breaks. Do we have any time off?
  9. Anyone hear anything yet? I know post have been indicating early January, but just checking. And will they contact us by letters as post have indicated or should we also be checking emails? Thanks!
  10. thank you. I havr been trying like crazy to find out how long the interview takes so that I know whether or not to book a hotel for another night. Can anyone provide information on the format or what exactly we will do for 4 hrs. We'll we be interviewing the whole time or is there a campus tour as part of that? Food or bathroom breaks? Sorry im obviously getting a little anxious.
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