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  1. I'm trying to get a feel for how long it takes to get your Oregon PA license. How long did it take you?
  2. They also pay for almost all professional fees including licensing, professional organization memberships (AAPA etc) 5 days CME per year with a $1500 budget, 2 weeks vacation, 2 weeks sick time, they pay for any resources like Epocrates, Up to Date etc.
  3. I think the position is a great opportunity. I have been doing my primary care rotations there since October and I absolutely love the staff and other providers. It is an incredibly supportive environment which I think is a great place for a new grad. Not to mention having the opportunity to work in dermatology. I know it is a hard field to get into. I know that other NP and PA providers at the clinic started at 42-43/hour plus incentive bonus for the number of pts seen above 20 and an end of the year bonus around 7000 with malpractice, health insurance, and retirement that they match. I think I can negotiate with the CEO a little bit higher base pay as I will be providing a specialty care. I really want this position. I have had some other informal offers but nothing that I am excited about. My concern is that I just don't want to come across as too demanding. I think it is common for women to be hesitant to demand what they deserve and I realize I don't want to perpetuate that cycle but I am not sure exactly where to find the balance. I appreciate the input.
  4. I will be graduating in August and have been offered a position at the clinic where I have done my primary care rotations. I will be doing derm for the clinic and they want me to train with their dermatologist that comes to the clinic twice a month. I would travel to train with the Dermatologist. Originally they had offered to pay for my travel and housing to do a rotation with the Dermatologist, however mine and the dermatologists schedules didn't line up to work out while I am a student. The current plan is to start training after I am officially hired. What is a reasonable hourly wage for training time keeping in mind the clinic would also be paying for my travel and room and board. Any suggestions?
  5. I have been unofficially offered a job in derm. It is a primary care clinic that has a dermatologist come one week a month. They would like me to see the dermatology patients between as well as perform procedures when the dermatologist is on site. I have already started training with the Dermatologist and will have more intense training when I graduate in August. I am wondering where to start negotiations. Anywhere in California (or elsewhere in the country) have suggestions for salary negotiation? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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