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  1. So my initial appointments with patients tend to go along the lines of consents, HIPAA forms, various measures (PHQ-9, medical history, etc) followed by CAPS, and then a less structured "chat" after, because CAPS usually ends up being pretty intense for them. About 40% of the patients I see indicate feelings of being "better off dead" or that their families would be in a better position if they were. In terms of SI, plan and intent, mention of a timeline, method, recent attempt. ("I want to jump off X bridge this weekend/I put my sig in my mouth two nights ago/Every day I think about taki
  2. That's fair. Reason I started this thread is cause I'm torn between sticking with nursing or switching to a different science major that's less likely to get me the "do you want to be a nurse, or a PA?" question as I'd be going straight from BN to grad school application. Just started so I still have option to switch. It's great to see the massive variety in backgrounds. Haven't done Catalina yet. Did La Jolla shores/Coronado islands, not bad - I'm completely spoiled cause I learned in aus on the Barrier Reef and then did Thailand and Colombia, so cold water ain't much fun - agree with
  3. What made you do the double switch, if you don't mind me asking? Taking 16 units a quarter right now, 50 hour/week working in PTSD treatment, volunteer at weekends. I slept plenty when I did my time in UK college, don't need much nowadays. Also dive when I get the chance, although I haven't done much here (SoCal). 3 jobs and kids.. so, 1 hour sleep a night, give or take? Where do you dive, if you still do?
  4. Damn me. Sure you didn't want to add anything else to that? Did you get any sleep during college?
  5. Looking for some HCE feedback. Been working @ VA for 3+ years, all PTSD research - first two years were as EMG startle tech (running emg testing 1on1, 12 patients a day) working on base with AD marines. Now last 8 months is PTSD screening (CAPS) appointments with veterans I screen for eligibilty and schedule myself. Appointments include 2x 1on1 sessions; I assess for validity and we discuss trauma, symptoms and other life stressors in depth, before they are randomized (if I deem eligible) to a treatment program. Usually 5+ hours 1on1 per patient. Also includes lab work, I don't dr
  6. Thanks for all the replies guys, that seems like one of the great things about PA school, the variety of backgrounds. I've not been accepted to a nursing program yet, (would be applying in spring) - I have to confirm my major end of this year, so the feedback is really helpful. Good luck with school/career, all of you!
  7. Thanks a lot for the feedback guys, greatly appreciated. Current plan for bachelors major is nursing (working on my transfer credits right now), plus will be getting EMT cert within next two semesters. Then will aim for as much clinical hours as possible. Can I ask what your majors were for bachelors? Deployment wise I know it's been a lot more sporadic, but I would likely volunteer - I'm however not going to piss and moan if I don't get an opportunity. Heading to talk with a recruiter in 2 weeks, to get some more info. PA school is still a few years away however, so things ar
  8. Looking for a bit of feedback on major choices. What did people do for their bachelors prior to applying for PA school? Bio, Chem, Nursing, etc? Am on a transfer system going to night classes at a Cali community college; currently working full time @ VA hospital (3+ years of trauma psych/clinical research work with veterans and AD, and ongoing). Planning to get EMT certified next spring and get some clinical experience on weekends as am hoping to focus on trauma/CC as a PA. Current major is nursing (bachelor program, not associates) but since my end goal is PA and Navy service am
  9. Thanks for the quick reply Oneal. Although sure HSCP would be great to have, its not a case where the scholarship is the be-all end-all; if I don't get it I'll suck it up and pay through student/bank loans. Thanks for the heads-up though. Any suggestions on clinical experience? Also when you say trauma/CC is a long shot, do you mean its more likely that I'll be expected to do primary care/family etc, or do you mean strictly in the case of deployment? Cheers for the info.
  10. Looking at my options for navy PA career... In night classes working towards my bachelors, and working full time at the VA working with veterans with PTSD...treatment and research. Mainly working with combat trauma, some MST, ranging from WWII to OND. All branches. Will be switching to full time school once current DOD funding is up in two years time. Prior to that was back and forth from 29 Palms, doing PTSD screening and research, working with active duty marines over a 2 year period, pre and post deployment. My school background is British (an English equivalent of pre-med/pre-vet
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