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  1. I was placed on the alternate list and I received a phone call yesterday. I was offered a seat in the class which I have happily accepted!
  2. Just received an interview invite for Feb 3rd...so glad to have gotten one!
  3. I just received an interview invite today! I submitted everything by August and only just received an email a week ago that my application was ready for review.
  4. The interview day is definitely very busy with a variety of different activities. I interviewed November 4th and am very excited to be able to say I received a phone call notifying me of my acceptance on Friday :)
  5. I just received my acceptance email today too!!! I am beyond excited!
  6. I just received an interview invite for November 4th as well! I submitted my secondary in the end of September and received an email that my file was complete 2 weeks ago.
  7. Is there anyone interviewing this Wednesday the 22nd who might want to meet up as a group and grab dinner or something on Tuesday evening? Might be nice to have some familiar faces on the day of the interview!
  8. Hello, I am working on applying for PA schools this application cycle and I have a question about my house of health care experience. I work as a paramedic and have heard that only a percentage of the hours worked are counted due to standby time. What is a common percentage of hours that applicants use? Thank you
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