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  1. In my negotiation meeting yesterday, I highlighted the 50-75th% range of the PAOS and AAPA salary data and essentially gave them a solid # at 90k. That's the exact 50th% of the PAOS and between the 50th-75th% of the AAPA for 0-2 or 0-4 years of experience. I'll be the first one to admit that reading spine xray/MRI's, assisting in surgery, rounding on patients, and ordering/interpreting lab tests is VERY different from being an ATC. The odd thing is, they called me back after our mtg and asked if my other offer was paying for my taxes? I wasn't exactly sure what they were referring to (even though they had highlighted the $5k they'll be paying for my taxes in the total compensation package.) I've never had another job highlight taxes and after some research, I realized it's because employers HAVE to pay 6.2% of your SS tax and 1.45% of your medicare tax, plus unemployment taxes. Are they really trying to push the 5k in taxes as a benefit?! I still think they are going to come back pushing their "total compensation package." I'm not sure why, because their benefits, vacation, cme, etc., are all mediocre. It's not like they're offering tuition reimbursement, gym membership, cell phone allowance, or other perks. In my negotiation I also asked for more CME $, more vacation, added sick days, and for licensing/dues/etc to be written into the contract line by line. I also told them I would like them to reword the "at will termination" to 30-60 days notice (which I would also give if I was planning to end my employment with them). With your help and advice, I hard balled it to the best of my ability! It's actually got me fired up now because I realize they're trying distract me with all these other "not so flashy" numbers. I know I'm their only candidate and I would hope they come back with something reasonable (hopefully between 85-90k.) I can work with that for a year and then renegotiate my worth once I have some experience/ground to stand on. It's hard to come up with a bottom line # where I'm willing to walk away, but I guess we'll just have to see. I'll post as soon as I hear their counter!
  2. Thanks for your reply Ventana... I know I'm not in the "friendliest" PA state (NP's still rule the roost here), but I would expect to at least be in the range of the lowest 25th percentiles of the salary data and this offer is not. I do have access to the AAPA and PA Orthopedic Association salary data. The AAPA is a little lower than the PAOS, but even the lowest 25th percentile ranges ortho from 80-85k depending on which survey you look at. A little more info... I figured out the bonus: Ex: My total compensation package is $120k (with salary, insurance, 401k, taxes, cme, etc). I would make 10% of 120k-135k, 15% of 135-165k, and 20% thereafter. So 10% of 135k would equal a $1500 bonus.My biggest question is how attainable are these numbers? I know very little about billing (surgery vs clinic) and I'm worried that I would lose out on a lot of potential since the surgeon takes so much vacation. Do you think the 401k could be negotiated to start after 6 months instead of 1 year, or is that usually set in stone with the company? Is short term disability something that companies usually offer? I am meeting with HR tomorrow and I plan to ask a lot of questions and try to get things added/reworded in the offer letter. If you have ANY advice on how to negotiate the offer it would be greatly appreciated... I plan to present the PAOS salary data and I also found the MGMA 2012 salary info on here as well.
  3. Here are the details... Ortho spine. Job is with a private practice ortho group (20 docs) about 45 minutes from major midwest city. Base salary: $74,000 Health/Dental/Vision: Eligible after 90 days. High deductible plan ($3,300), paying about $35 out of pocket per pay (individual plan) 401k & Profit Sharing: 1 year waiting period... Will match 100% up to 3%, and 50% match on the next 2% Life Insurance: $20,000 term and accidental CME: $1500 and 5 days Vacation: 2 weeks plus 8-9 major holidays (no other personal sick days were included in info packet) Malpractice with tail/Licensing/DEA: Covered by employer Bonus: The specifics on paper are confusing, but during conversation the physician made a comment that it could be about $4000 extra a year (l was sort of expecting the "bonus" to make up for the low salary, so this was definitely a shock.) They are willing to give me 2 chances to pass my certification exam and are also willing to employ me (if needed) during the 3 month period as an athletic trainer (I've been certified for 10 years) at a rate of $25 an hour... Obviously if I pass my test on the first try this wouldn't make a difference. Odds and ends: Physician takes 10+ weeks of vacation a year and it was discussed that I would end up having a lot of that time off as well without having to use vacation days. I know that there will be a lot of 50-60 hour weeks because I did an elective rotation with this physician, but physician said those hours will equal out with the extra time off and days off here and there if we've been hitting it really hard. The doc knows I have another offer at $84,000, but still came in 10g's lower. The other offer is sports medicine, but I've had several people to tell me to RUN in the other direction from that group. I was really just hoping to use the sports med offer as a negotiating tool. I'm supposed to just call the doc over the weekend if I have any questions or if I want to negotiate. Any thoughts, suggestions, ways to approach a higher salary would be appreciated. I know the value in this position would be the good relationship I've had with the doc since my rotation, plus I know they're willing to train me... But I also know I can't work for pennies. THANKS!
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