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  1. Just got my PANCE score! At 430pm! LOL, passed!
  2. So if we're out of luck today, we might have to wait until next Thursday? I'm so tired of waiting, everyone else I heard from recently got their's back within a week on either a Monday or Thursday.
  3. What time do they usually release scores? I took it last week on Tuesday and still haven't heard anything. I thought for sure it would be today.
  4. Hey everyone, currently on an EM rotation and had a question about controlling bleeding while suturing. I had a few lacs recently that were bleeding so much that I constantly had to keep wiping the wound with gauze and it was preventing me from getting a good view at the laceration. Is there anything I can do to help control the bleeding to make suturing easier? I know I can try epi, but didn't want to use it on a finger lac.. Also, is it OK if the wound is still bleeding after I finish placing the sutures? THANKS
  5. I am also a 23 year old male, currently in the middle of my first year of PA school. I chose to go to PA school for similar reasons as your son, and because I don't care about prestige, money, or being in total control. Just want to make a difference and help patients. However, I know a lot of people these days are paying well over 100k just to attend PA school in the first place. Luckily, I go to an instate program where the total cost is under 40k. Need to consider the amount of debt for school as well, he might as well consider med school if he is going to be paying the same price for it.
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