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  1. Can I ask for those of you who will be interviewing.. what are your stats? please and thank you!
  2. Hey guys! I haven't got a response from my email yet.. anyone else email? I was also wondering if anyone knows what day in Sept will they be hearing about the accreditation for provisional status?
  3. so does anyone know how many students have been accepted in total so far? just wondering..
  4. Wow! goodluck! Anyone that submitted in july get an interview invite?
  5. Thanks jenny! Is there 4 interviews or 2? on the student handbook i read it said 2?
  6. Just wondering, for interviews, I understand that its 4 one on one interviews… did they just bombard you with questions? or was it like a conversational thing?
  7. does anyone have a head count to how many students got in already? just wondering..
  8. PA2B1983 if you don't mind me asking, when did you have your CASPA verified? I'm still waiting for an interview invite…
  9. anyone else get an interview for august to later?
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