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  1. When I had received the official acceptance letter and confirmed my seat in the program via SOLAR, I had a lot of similar questions regarding when to send in official transcripts, BLS, health forms, and criminal background check (CBC) info. I sent an email to Audra to get further clarification and she replied back with "the health form, BLS and CBC all need to be done two months prior, I will send information (CBC) to you when the time comes". As far as the official transcripts, I assume it can be sent anytime from now till prior to the program start date. I went ahead and initiated the transcript request through the registrar office of all the colleges I attended to get this part done and out of the way as it usually takes 7 to 10 business days for all of the colleges to process and send it in the mail. Hope this helps!
  2. Good morning to all! Here is the info to send our transcripts. Issue to: Audra Perrino Address: HSC, SHTM Level 2, Room 428 Stony Brook University Stony Brook, NY 11794-8202 ** Official transcripts sent to Audra must be mailed by the registrar office from all academic institution attended. Hope everyone have a Happy New Year!
  3. I just checked my email this afternoon and the official letter of acceptance was sent out today from the office of student services!! :-)
  4. Since I will be relocating from Florida to Long Island, are there any "sketchy" areas within a 5-10 mile radius of Stony Brook that I should avoid when searching for housing?
  5. Congratulations to those that received the acceptance call for a seat in the Stony Brook University PA program for this admissions cycle!!! I wanted to start this topic thread as a network and communication tool for those that got accepted from the interview dates of September 20th, October 7th, and upcoming November interview. Until a facebook group page is up and running for our class, my goal is to make this a centralized discussion posting for those that received an acceptance call for the SBU PA class of 2017! So instead of flipping back and forth between multiple postings, this is a great "go to" resource thread to post any comments and/or questions. 1st year SBU PA Class of 2016 as well as any 2nd year SBU PA Class of 2015 are welcome to chime in on this thread as well... all of your guidances are greatly appreciated! I look forward in meeting and getting to know my new Stony Brook PA family! ****For those that have NOT been accepted yet, please refrain from posting on this thread as this will deter the sole purpose of having this discussion thread.
  6. MS_HealthcareAdmin

    2014-2015 Cycle

    I had received an interview invite for Friday, November 7th afternoon session!
  7. MS_HealthcareAdmin

    October 7th interviews

    I had received the acceptance call earlier this afternoon as well (interviewed on Oct 7th in the afternoon).. congratulations to those that got accepted!!
  8. MS_HealthcareAdmin

    2015 Cycle

    I had received an interview invitation for October 7th as well! I chose the afternoon session.

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