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  1. Anyone participate in this particular residency program? Would love to get feedback. Graduating this August. Thanks!
  2. @Leviep I guess we interviewed on the same day! Amazing... so happy for you! Congrats!
  3. I got my acceptance email this morning! Approx 2 weeks after my interview. I'm so excited! I applied twice before.. don't ever give up!!! :)
  4. I've heard absolutely nothing from this school :/ I called today and the woman I spoke to told me that the admissions committee hasn't started looking through apps yet for II. They expect we should hear something late March/early April. Seems so late in the cycle. Good luck to all!
  5. Hi, I'm a reapplicant as well! Anyone heard anything? The waiting game is torture! Good luck to all
  6. Thanks for this post! I am in a similar boat. 3.1 overall and 2.9 science from UG and have taken a few classes here and there since graduation 2 years ago. I cant seem to get an interview anywhere.. I have about 3000 hours of HCE as a phlebotomist and Patient care assistant. I am only 24 but applied twice already. Not sure what my next step should be... Good luck to you all.
  7. I'm still waiting to hear back..fingers crossed!
  8. Lyberum- please get your bitter and negative self off this forum. You arent the only one to get rejected from this program.. I did too but you don't see me or anyone else bashing the program. This program stands for diversity and gives everyone a chance..and produces EXCELLENT PAs. My grades were not as high as the competition, so I will work on them this upcoming year and reapply. You, however, need an attitude change and that might take a little longer. Good luck to you. Congrats to all those who got accepted, shine on! For those in my boat, i hope none of you give up. The positivity and dedication to everyone on here is inspiring. :)
  9. hadassah that's the perfect way to put it! i cant even fathom another school or another career. its gonna happen guys!!!! one day!! i just had to share that info with you all because i know you want this as bad as I do.
  10. @samalam i feel the same way.. maybe taking some masters level courses to improve gpa and continuing to gain more valuable hce..
  11. no.. havent heard anything back yet...just like most of us here! :(
  12. @ china i wish you the best of luck!!! i think getting an interview is the hardest part.. and you made it thus far. just make sure you bring your A game and I am sure you will be great :) The wait to hear back is so unbearable!
  13. all we can do is keep the faith.. but also think of a plan b. and i don't really have one! :/ is this everyone's first year applying? This is my second.. and I was really counting on getting accepted this year but after hearing 1/3 of the class is already filled i'm almost positive its not going to happen. just being realistic :(
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