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  1. Waitlisted. Better than a rejection.
  2. Got an interview invite this past friday. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-N915A using Tapatalk
  3. medicaljedi

    UT-PAN 2014-2015

    So, should we expect an e-mail on Friday afternoon about the school's decision
  4. medicaljedi

    UT-PAN 2014-2015

    Yup got an interview invite for Jan 17th.
  5. medicaljedi

    Science Teachers chances to get into PA school

    I have over a thousand hours of volunteer experience at a hospital and clinic. I have also shadowed a family practitioner for over a year. I am taking the GRE in a couple of weeks. I will expand on my educator experience in my personal statement.
  6. I am a High School science teacher. I teach Physics and Chemistry. I graduated with a Psychology Major and a minor in Biology. Took all the pre-reqs for medical school but decide that PA was a better fit. cGPA = 3.8 bcpmGPA = 3.5 GRE= not taken yet

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