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  1. Congrats! I got an email yesterday for an interview invite for Monday, October 7th. Did you get an email response/confirmation after sending your "Interview Accepted" email?
  2. I was "completed" 8/1. Hopefully I'll be verified in the next couple days!
  3. The math doesn't add up like some people think. You'll accrue well over $1,000/month in interest ALONE with a 200k loan balance. You tact on a mortgage and car payment to 200K worth of debt and that 100K PA salary won't be very luxurious for the first 10 years after school. Rushing into things and disregarding the financial impact can be a very regretful experience. Been there, done that.
  4. While making 80k a year working tons of overtime as a respiratory therapist, I lived way within my means, had a cheap apartment, was single without kids and STILL had a hard time paying off 50k of undergrad debt in a 2 year time frame. People think it'll be super easy to pay off debt after school and everything will be great. Life expenses, taxes, and other misc stuff add up, making debt payoff really tough. Unless the person has aggressively paid off a large amount of debt before, don't listen to the people that say "Just live within your means, you'll be making plenty of money, you'll pay it off soon enough." Debt does not need to be your reality. I recommend watching/listening to Dave Ramsey's take on student debt. Personally, I've held off on applying to the easier private schools in my area due to the cost. I'd rather not get accepted to the state school this year ($40,000 total for the whole program) than pay the tuition for the private school ($140,000 total for the whole program). I'm sure you want to be a PA really bad, but is the financial burden worth it? I rather be patient, save some money, get some more experience and get into the cheaper school. You'll pay less for tuition and have an extra year to save money. Don't listen to the people who say debt is okay and reality. They are the people who have car payments their entire life and can never get ahead, despite having a well-paying job.
  5. I've also heard great things about Doane. I'm going to be taking a couple classes from there this summer. Also, I'm a RT of almost 4 years. I would choose nursing if given the option. Although I've gained a ton of experience as an RT and I feel I'm in a great position for PA school, the options as an RN are endless. You may decide down the road you want to pursue NP, CNRA, etc. And you can still do PA as an RN.
  6. The program I'm applying to conducts criminal background checks prior to matriculation. Therefore even if I got a lawyer and have the conviction expunged, it probably would to risky to NOT disclose it. I've reached out to my state boards and they indicated my past record won't hinder my ability to get a license. I know people with DUIs have gotten DEA numbers so that shouldn't be an issue. Thanks for the thoughts,
  7. Under the "Misdemeanor and Felony Convictions" section on the CASPA application, you just answer YES or NO. I contacted CASPA directly and they indicated there are no prompts to explain the situation or answer additional questions if you answer YES. I will end up answering YES due to a minor in possession from 7 years ago. When looking at the supplemental application for the program I'm applying to, they only ask "have you ever been convicted of a felony?" OR "have you ever be convicted of a misdemeanor involving threat or violence?" I've never been convicted of either of those. I guess I'm just wondering when I will need to explain the situation? Maybe I could contact the school and ask them if I should do anything else? Or just wait for an interview invite and explain in person? Thanks.
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