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  1. Hows the psych NP job market? What's the typical salary range you've seen for full time jobs doing med management?
  2. A specialty doc can obviously make a lot more but comparing fm to many pas isn't that far off. UC docs (typically) fm make 100/hr n EM pas can easily make 70-80. When you factor in taxes it's not that big a diff. Fm docs make 150k+\- starting.
  3. Wait so it's true then that PAs make the same (or more) than FM docs regularly? I thought this only occurred once in a while when you compared new FM salary to establish PA salary?
  4. I'm interested in a residency and this is very interesting. So do you make ~130k/yr already (if you work 1 night/wk, since 1.5 base = 82.5/hr)? If you did 3 nights/wk that would mean you'd make 160k/yr?
  5. What does it mean to "settle"? Does malpractice typically cover it?
  6. Do you have any advice for new grads to avoid lawsuits? Does it hurt you professionally if you are named in one? Do we personally have to pay if we lose?
  7. J/c but what do you mean by "not really", is it not too much more difficult than undergrad?
  8. Thanks for the help all! Just one final question: So how difficult is it to merely pass? Obviously I'm going to try my best to score my highest, but would you guys say it's pretty reasonable to pass as long as I'm studying 8+ hours/day? Thanks!
  9. Patient care tech, hospital volunteer, took pt hx at a free clinic, lots of shadowing. edit: I think my HCE is good, which is why i got into some top tier PA programs. I'm just not sure if it matter though, since med students typically don't have much hce but they learn similar/same stuff.
  10. So I am a recent college grad that was fortunate to be accepted into multiple PA programs this year. My only worry is if I'll be able to make the jump from college to PA school. My grades in college were good (3.65), but I pretty much studied all the time. I would go to class, eat, and then study all day (even on the weekends). I rarely had time for any social activities, working out, etc. I know PA school will have way more material than an undergrad bio major. Am I making a mistake by going? Any advice?
  11. I think it depends on the program. For example, at UIowa the med students and PA students take the exact same didactic curriculum (same tests, lectures, grading scale, etc.). So obviously the difficulty of the didactics is the same for med and PA students there. I wonder if programs that split up med students and PA students (~90% of programs) have a difference in difficulty? At Rosalind (which is a top PA school) the PA students seem to have a 1% drop out rate (link below) while the med students have a ~5% drop out rate. The students coming into the 2 programs are probably similar in natu
  12. How many students dropped out of your PA program? From the program I plan on attending, I am only aware of 1 (class size ~70) that dropped out. How do the statistics look for your class?
  13. Hey all, Other than paying the deposit is there anything else we need to do right now? Also the deposit was only $500 right? thanks.
  14. As someone who scored a 30 on the MCAT, its really not that bad. If you did decent on your prereqs (3.5+gpa) and follow the SN2ed method on SDN you just study for 3 months over your summer break and you should get at least a 28+ if not well above a 30. PA school is a lot harder than getting a 30 MCAT over 3 months of summer studying.
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