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  1. The most accessible hospital for shadowing is CCMC, all you have to do is email the head of the department you want to shadow in saying you want a PA and then they have directions on what to do from there. You should be able to just google ccmc shadowing.
  2. Hi all, For those who have been accepted (or rejected), what were your stats? I know this is a new program so I'm interested in seeing what they want. Also has the program been accredited yet? Thanks
  3. I went to their open house this summer and they said that pt hours were extremely important and it depends on the app pool. They told us that last year they accepted some people who had around 1500 or even less so long as they kept working until the year started. But it depends on the app pool.
  4. I really just cant afford to take it at my school, would taking one semester at a community college post graduation to show that I am competent in A&P be acceptable?
  5. Hello! So here are my stats so far Year: Junior Major: Allied health Current gpa: 3.4 *last semester I got a 4.0 and my goal is 4.0 for my remaining 3 semesters Science gpa: not sure...but here are my prereq grades- gen chem B-/B (two semester sequence with lab) Enhanced A&P: C+ both semesters organic: A organic lab: A Biology: AP credit In progress: Genetics, A so far next semester will be micro and immuniology Patient care hours: 80 from ER research (working with patients), currently certified as a CNA, I also work as a PCA for a kid on campus during the semester. I will be working as a CNA this summer and until PA school to build hours. Extras: Student research assistant in an ER, premed society, allied health club (debating if I should join the red cross club...will it help?) Concerns!- My anatomy grade is well...bad. Any suggestions? I know I do not want to retake it at my university and I feel it will be my make or break for acceptance...my only excuse is not having the study skills that I have now. I hope that my jump to straight As will show improvement. Any suggestions on how to improve myself to apply? Also I will be taking a year off before applying. Also my dream school right now is quinnipiac, they told my that my A&P grade meets their requirements but isn't competative, I know they value HCE very highly.
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