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  1. I talked to somebody there about what the program is actually about. It is not purely an educational tract despite how it may seem. In fact the purpose of it is to provide doctors for family medicine in rural areas. Tennessee is all for it, other states who knows. Upon graduation you are a Doctor and may practice independently, depending on what your state allows. In theory a residency for specialty work could be done.
  2. So I am a new grad and I'm from Middle Tennessee. Sadly I cannot really relocate at this time, but I'm willing to commute a good distance. Despite that it seems nobody around here is hiring new grads. I've submitted 30-40 CVs so far and only received one call. I've started to just walk into places and introduce myself, handing in my resume even if they aren't hiring. That being said, I still have not gotten any calls or emails. Has anybody else had this problem? Is Middle TN just over saturated? Or is this just because I'm not a Trevecca grad?
  3. As of a few weeks ago we were told all seats for the incoming class were filled. If you do not have any other offers, don't give up! It was early April when I got in. People can still drop out. I do not think they have reached the purge day yet where they have to make their 500 dollar deposit.
  4. Also, to those who still need to take prerequisites, make sure to get those done. Email Ms. Owens if you have any questions. She's super helpful! I had to rush to take Medical Terminology, so I did it online in three weeks. Make sure you do what is required though. One guy in our class tried to take Organic 2 at the same time as his classes here (How he managed that I have no idea, I think I would die) and he had to defer to your class.
  5. Hey guys, I'm part of the class of 2016. Just thought I'd drop in to let you guys know that you shouldn't lose hope if you're put on the alternate list! A lot of people in my class, myself included, were pulled from it. Congrats to those already accepted! Make sure to say hey once you get here; everybody in my class is super awesome and would love to meet you. One of you might be my mentee, so bring a usb 'cause you're getting all my study material.
  6. I got the seat that you opened up! They pull from the alternate list almost immediately when a seat opens up guys so don't lose hope!
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