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  1. LolaCola

    2018-2019 Cycle

    I think I did well on the individual but I'm not so sure about the group. And I'm not sure either how much everything is weighed in regards to our application (stats,essay, letters of rec) and interview but I hope everything is done pretty fairly. It's over now and all we can do it wait!
  2. LolaCola

    2018-2019 Cycle

    I think it went pretty well. I got a good vibe from the faculty and students, they seem to really care and enjoy the school. And the program seems to be in good hands with Dr.Hendrix, she seems pretty awesome. My individual interview and group session were both at the end of the day though so I was exhausted. I thought it was pretty strange too that there were just a few questions but I tried my best to both answer the question and then also give even more info about myself and my experiences that related to the question. And then use the group interview to show my personality. I think they observe moreso how you say things and interact with everyone rather than what you say exactly. And I think after the fact we all regret saying some things and think about what we should've said!
  3. LolaCola

    2018-2019 Cycle

    Is anyone interested in meeting up for dinner the night before the interview? I think it would really help to ease our nerves and be more comfortable at the interview ?
  4. LolaCola

    2018-2019 Cycle

    Got my interview invite! It says that it lasts all day from 7am-5pm so I'm wondering about the format as well. It says we should receive some more info in the mail next week.
  5. Yes I interviewed on the 12th and I just got an email today that I’m waitlisted.
  6. I received an interview invite for the Miami campus that I will be declining. Hopefully this opens up a spot for one of you. Good luck!
  7. Just FYI, Howard no longer has a program and there currently aren't any fully accredited HBCU PA programs.
  8. LolaCola

    Advice for list of schools

    I agree I think you're applying smart and have done a good job of tailoring your apps to schools that value your strengths. Please put Eastern Virginia Medical School (EVMS) at the top of your list! I'll be starting there in January and it's a great school! With the combination of your last 60 credits GPA and 11,000 hrs paramedic PCE, you're exactly the type of student they're looking for and I think you'd find that the school is a good fit for you as well. Good Luck! ?
  9. Im in too!! Woooo! I'm so happy guys. After all of our hard work we're finally gonna be PAs! I cant wait to meet all of my classmates!?
  10. Well you don’t have to but it’s highly recommended because you should be learning and growing if this is your passion. Between applications I matured and gained more experiences that really strengthened my understanding of medicine and desire to become a PA. I was excited to write a new PS! As a reapplicat your new PS should naturally be better than before! I know writing a PS is super tough (it took me many months of edits) but it really makes you reflect on your journey so far as well as your future, which is very motivating. Good luck!
  11. I’m also interviewing on the 14th, I think it’d be great to get dinner the night befoe. Can you add me to the group please? Thank you ?
  12. I can completely understand the issues and frustrations with the program being as you described. However, I'm not sure if Adcoms will be understanding. With so many applicants, a negative trend definitely doesn't look good and they may view your explanation of the program as blaming and not taking responsibility which puts things in a negative light. If you get better grades from this point on then you should be good. You can turn this hiccup into a positive and in your PS write about how much you've grown and improved. Ultimately, I think you should call schools now and explain you situation, see what they say. Btw, the majority of schools do not count clinical hours as a student towards your PCE hours unfortunately. There are some that do (Ex: Towson University) so I would check on that as well. Good luck!
  13. You're welcome. I've read through the Admissions Guidelines many times so I'm glad to help! I increased my community service hours but not as much as I wanted due to working full-time and being a full-time student (last semester I took 19 credits). I just continued to help with community outreach at my fire station when I had free time. I already had a lot of volunteering hours under my belt from college so I think my consistency over the years helped to show it's something I truly love, not just a check-off for admission.
  14. It gives the info in the Admissions Guidelines. I emailed admissions later in the fall (when its not as busy) like they advised.
  15. They told me that I didn't make the cut for PCE hours compared to the rest of the candidate pool. So I continued to work time as an ED Technician and my hours increased from 2000 to 5000 hours. I also completed a paramedic degree and earned a 3.94 post-bacc GPA which consisted of 56 credits.

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