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  1. Congratulations, Ani! See you in the fall. My name's Diana btw. Lots of people from the LA area! I'm from Torrance.
  2. Hi Michael, I received an email stating that we will get information regarding our TUC email account in the beginning of June. After that we will have our registration information sent to our TUC email account.
  3. I emailed you the details, but I made an error and it is facing the island (not on it). Sorry guys! I've been looking at a few other places. Most are multiple rooms available in a house with current students already living there.
  4. Oops I double checked. Its facing Mare Island. Not on it. Sorry! But its two miles away according to the ad. I'll email you, Wendy!
  5. If I do live with roommates I think it would be great to have a 2-3 bedroom place with students from our program! I emailed a land lord for a house on the island. All three rooms are empty, only 500 per room.
  6. I'm thinking of getting a single, but I think it would be good to live in the same area/building as other students. Definitely looking into Mare Island too. I found a great place but it was taken by the time I called haha. If anyone in the socal/south bay area wants to meet up that would be great!
  7. Thank you Yelena, I unfortunately haven't even been able to get through the admissions phone. But I have emailed and left a voicemail. It helps to know it was all sorted out with you!
  8. Hi Martha, I haven't gotten a response either. And I know we have to pay within two weeks of the date on our letter, so I'm hoping to hear back soon that they received my payment/paperwork. I emailed Irene and she had lots of good listings. Thanks! Hi Yelena, how long did it take you to hear back after you paid the deposit?
  9. How long did it take for everyone to receive a confirmation for the payment and paperwork? I submitted mine and left a message for Naisha, but haven't heard back.
  10. Bopha, yeah I'm Diana. Good memory! It was great meeting you too! Everyone was so friendly
  11. Good luck Bopha! I was at the table with you before we split up into groups. Stay positive :)
  12. I didn't hear back via email, but I checked again and was able to log on and make the payment.
  13. I haven't heard back. I called a support number but they just gave me the number to the office of the registrar, and they're closed. Hopefully we'll hear back tomorrow when they open.
  14. I'm looking to apply to the bridge program as well! I'm also from the LA area. I live in Torrance. Pretty close to Whittier! Are you guys using the financial aid packet we received at the interviews to find scholarships?
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