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  1. I will be applying through CASPA in this next cycle, and I want to get my application in as early as possible. However, I'm getting married in August and will be changing my last name. My address will also change at that time. Should I wait to submit my application until those rather important changes have been made, or should I submit it earlier, when I have all of my information entered?
  2. Hey all! Since Ohio Dominican doesn't have it's own program page, I figured I'd start a thread for the current applicant cycle. I submitted my CASPA at the end of May, it was verified early June, and I received a confirmation email from ODU during the first week of July. The email said that interviews would be sent to competitive candidates "throughout the fall". If anyone has any helpful information regarding ODU applications, or would like to commiserate about their progress, feel free to post. :)
  3. I noticed that there wasn't any topic for the Lake Erie College PA program. I submitted my CASPA at the end of May, it was verified in early June, and I was invited to an interview at LEC about a week ago. The interview is scheduled for October 4th. Is anyone else applying/interviewing there?
  4. Hey all! I'm working on compiling my letters of recommendation for the upcoming CASPA cycle. (This will be my first time applying.) I have shadowed both a DO and a few PAs. Would it be better to have a letter of recommendation from the PA or the DO? The schools where I'm applying don't specify, and I already have professors writing my other two letters. Or, would it be better to have both the PA and the DO write letters for me? Thanks!
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