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  1. Got the invite from Erin just now, interviewing February 11th/12th!
  2. Got an acceptance call from Dr. Heinan this morning, I was in the morning 11/14 session! So excited to be part of such a great program :)
  3. Anyone interviewing this Saturday, November 14th in the morning session?
  4. Did anyone apply to the dual degree with MPH, and if so do you know how the intereviews work?
  5. Thought I'd start a page for Concordia and this years cycle! Has anyone heard back yet? I heard they are pretty good at sending out interview invites in early October!
  6. Hi everyone! I know the first set of emails were sent out for invites on August 14th, has anyone else received an invite other than that day? Just curious if they've sent out more than that initial day, and or if anyone knows when the next round of emails will be sent out?
  7. @wesr_gordon Do you mind sharing when all of your application materials were completely submitted?
  8. Has anyone heard when interview invites might be emailed out, or when the actual first interview date is?
  9. Do you mind sharingthe timeline of when your application was verified and scores submitted!?
  10. Hey Tori! I found this pretty difficult as well, but here are some websites/stores you can try! www.whitehouseblackmarket.com www.anntaylor.com www.thelimited.com http://www.saksfifthavenue.com Nordstroms Bloomingdales Dillards Express Hope that helps!
  11. Received my supplemental today! Is anyone else applying for the dual degree MPH/MSPA program?!
  12. @rachiehayes, do you mind commenting on whether you filled out the optional essays because you felt you needed to strengthen your application, or have you heard previously it is something they really do want all applicants to complete? Thanks!
  13. How does everyone feel about the optional essay? Does anyone know whether or not others have recommended that it is important to fill out, or is it more so there if you feel your application is on the weaker end of the spectrum?
  14. My CASPA verified 4/29, and all materials submitted to Rosalind 6/06 (was waiting for GRE). Received email from Rosalind on 6/24 saying application under review and that I'll get an update within 4-6 weeks-- currently at about week 5 and getting anxious. Has anyone asked when the earliest interview invites would be sent out? Best of luck to everyone :)
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