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  1. Hi Yacosta815, What's your name so we can look for you to personally thank you for all your insight?
  2. What's everyone doing for their living situation? Anybody looking for a roommate?
  3. For those that interviewed today, did they say that today was the last day of interviews? When did they say when we should be hearing back from them?
  4. Ms Horvath said it was over 30 students on the 9th.
  5. I thought I heard that the dates were the 7, 9, 23 and 30th. Was anyone offered an April 30th interview date?
  6. Did they say April 7th is the first day of interviewing?
  7. I did and I haven't heard from either program except to say that my application was complete and under review.
  8. I received the same letter dated March 4th to be put on the wait list. Does anyone know if everyone that was wait listed will be interviewed? Or when they will start interviewing the people that were wait listed?
  9. Hey everyone, I received notice that my UAPC application was complete over a month ago but haven't heard anything back from York specifically. I am trying to get in touch with their registrar's office but no luck so far. The deadline to have our formal evaluations done by the registrar is April 1st. Anyone else still waiting to hear back from the registar? Does anyone have another number for the registrar than (718) 262 - 2145? or email address? Thanks.
  10. Rebecca- did they say how many more interview cycles they will be having? And roughly until when? End of April? May? Any info is much appreciated.
  11. I haven't heard anything from PCOM either. I guess I should assume the same.
  12. Does anyone know if interview invitations are still being offered? If we have not been contacted should we assume we will not be invited for an interview?
  13. If we have yet to hear from LeMoyne, should we assume we have been rejected? Does anyone know if we should be receiving an official rejection letter or email from LeMoyne?
  14. ok. Do you know how to access York's application? I can't find it anywhere on their website. Is it sent to only those who are accepted to York after having submitted our application to UAPC?
  15. Have any transfer students had their transcripts evaluated yet by York's registrar department? I met with someone from admissions, but Ms. Spain informed me that the evaluation was not official. Does anyone know how I go about having my transcripts officially evaluated by their registrar? I already submitted my UAPC application.
  16. Can anyone comment about the wait list (if there is one)?
  17. Hi! I am currently taking A&P I to prepare for the program (if I am accepted) even though I know it is not a requirement. I am planning on taking A&P II as well during this upcoming summer session which ends at the end of June. I understand Physiology typically gives students the most trouble during the first semester? My community college does not offer solely Physiology; only Anatomy & Physiology as a joint course. I was debating whether to take Microbiology as well. I think that is one of the courses during first semester? Would you be able to provide a break down of the curriculum of the program?Thanks!
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