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  1. Hi everyone, Long story short, I am planning to apply for several Pa schools this cycle. I have not yet decied where exactly. I have BS degree im Biology, Gre score, shadowing hours , recommendation letters, and completed almost all the prereuqitstes. I am only missing three courses that I need to take for the PA program . Two upper psychology courses and medical terminlogy. I really want to submit my applciation to CASPA as early as I can. I will taking these prerequitste courses this late summer and the gradeswill posted by the end of August. I might possibly take them t
  2. Hello my prospective PA friends, I hope you all are doing great and pursuing you dream of getting into A PA program. First of ,I have great passion for health care.. I always wanted to pursue my dream in PA or Dentistry. I admire what these professions are all about. I am planning to apply for PA schools this summer; I am in the process of fullfilling the requirements of this amazing profession.I recently came across many people who told me that PA programs are becoming more like a female profession. They say Moreover, the average proportion of males to female students in PA
  3. Thanks Nethan Le, I really would love to get the opportunity to have some kind of direct patient experience. I really do not want to give mysslf any excuses;however, I am working full time and my fmaily are depending on me. As I mentioned earlier, I Have been volunteering at Emergency Room where I get to interact with nurses, doctors ,and patients. I also will start shadowing PA soon. I requested to volunteer to work as an EMT or Medical tecnologist . Unfortunately, They require me to go through classes and get certifcated. I know how important HOE and hopfully I will try my best
  4. Thank you so much for your information. I did Contact some of the PA programs that I am intrested in. Almost all of them said that require DIRECT patient experience which involve touching the patients and having a clinical hours. Neverthess, I will try my best to shadow a PA and increase my volunteer hours. I hope It works out the best for me.
  5. Thank you Faelfe for replying. Can you kindly tell me which are the three programs that do not require Direct Pateint experience you apply to you?
  6. Hello Everyone, I am applying this summer 2014 for several Pa programs. I have almost fullfill all the requirments. I hava BA in Biology wiht 3.5 GPA, I have taken all the necessary prerequisites courses. I recently took the GRE , I am working on my personal statment and I can secure excellent recomendation letters from my previous professors,and my health care superviosr. I am volunterring at Prince William Medical center/ Emergency Room . I have nearly 200hr of Indirect Patient Experience. I am hopfully will start shadwing a PA for about 4 weeks. Nevertheless, I have no Direct pa
  7. I am applying this Summer 2014. I have pretty much fullfill all the requiremtn / However, I really do not have a direct pateint experience. I do voluntter work at Emergency room but that is indirect patient experience. I am afraid that they will reject me for that reason, please give me your thought? I have 3.5 GPA, meet all the prerequisites, I took the GRE.
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