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  1. Finally able to post one of these! My advice to those applying is to PRACTICE for the interview. I had thought out much of what I would've liked to say, but at the end of the day, I definitely would've found it beneficial to acclimate yourself to answering questions in an interview-type format (concisely/professionally.) Write a strong personal statement about why you're passionate about working in healthcare, and be able to convey it effectively in person! Undergrad School: Grand Valley State University (Michigan) Major: Biomedical Science Minor: French CASPA Cumulative Undergraduate GPA: 3.72 CASPA Science Undergraduate GPA: 3.56 Post Bacc GPA: N/A CASPA Overall GPA: N/A CASPA Overall Science GPA: N/A Age at application time: 21 GRE: 159 Verbal (74%), 157 Quant (74%), 5.0 Writing (93%) Application Submitted Date: July 5, 2014 Direct Patient Care Experience (type & hours at time of application): Certified Psychiatric Technician (worked on a hospital floor as a CNA with psych patients) 2300 hrs, MA volunteer 350 hours, staffing agency CNA 200 hours Health Related Certifications: CNA certification, Psychiatric Technician certification, BLS, CPI certification (nonviolent crisis intervention) Health Care Shadowing: Psych PA 8 hours Other Health Care Experience: Research Experience: None Community Service: Volunteering at college track meets 200 hours Schools Applied (11 total): NAU, AT Still, Midwestern, CU Denver, Idaho State, RFUMS, IUPUI, Eastern Michigan, GVSU, Hofstra, Pace Interview Invites (9 total): Everywhere except NAU, and Eastern Michigan Waitlist to Interview: Withdrew Application: AT Still, Idaho State, RFUMS, Hofstra, Pace Interviews Attended (4 total): Midwestern, CU Denver, IUPUI, GVSU Denied: GVSU Waitlisted: CU Denver Accepted: Midwestern, IUPUI, CU Denver (after being waitlisted) Attending: CU Denver! Attempt: 1st
  2. Got the call today and was accepted, can't wait to meet all of you!
  3. I recieved a letter, not an e-mail. Sorry for the confusion, wasn't thinking clearly after opening that haha
  4. I too got the waitlist e-mail. The program is outstanding and I can't imagine anyone passing up a seat but I'm trying to stay hopeful. Congrats to everyone who got in!
  5. Good luck to those interviewing today! 12/10 can't come sooner :) every time I hear my phone go off my heart starts pounding...the anticipation is literally killing me.
  6. Absolutely jazzed about the program. Anndddd now we wait.
  7. Did the program website disappear for anyone else?? I feel like this is not the optimal week for that to happen...or am I just missing it?
  8. How many people were there at the interview sessions?
  9. I work at St. Mary's in downtown Grand Rapids and we have had several GVSU students come to my floor for the psych rotation. From what I've heard there are rotations both in the Grand Rapids area and further out, as well (east side, northern Michigan, etc.)
  10. I'm also interviewing Thursday morning! Excited to meet all of you!
  11. Just received my November 14 interview! I'm stoked! Anyone else heard news?
  12. I just received an interview invitation today! Anyone else going November 20th?
  13. I'm about to cancel my November 20th interview, decided on another school. Look out for it, and good luck to you all!
  14. MLStoPA, I'll be there 11/18 as well! Does anyone know if they are rolling admissions or not?
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