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  1. @250Rider must have completely missed that when I submitted my app. Do you see a background check link? It’s in the same area as the list of transcripts
  2. @250Rider you sent your transcripts to LLU before you interviewed? I'm not sure what access you have as a "waitlisted" but as as accepted students we have access to the student portal. There's a bunch of checklist that we need to do to be ready for september. There's an link for the background check and to submit vaccinations. I email the school if instructions are not clear.
  3. @Brittanyes LLU sends out rejection letters. Get a call if you get accepted. And by the looks of it either email/letter for waitlist.
  4. @Gonzo559 I’m guessing they want everything done in case someone drops off last minute. Then they would have a candidate ready to jump in. Sending in transcripts/back ground checks, etc take a long time to submit and receive. I wouldn’t be surprised if prior years someone dropped from LLU a week prior or sooner. I got the same feeling from Western. During the interview they told me that if I was an alternate that there was always a chance to be called last minute and start PA school. so, if you really want to go to PA school just submit everything, hope someone drops and swoop into their spot.
  5. @THPA321 @250Rider I think there is one more interview date in feb. They said everyone will know by March. Either get a call or rejected by snail mai. If you haven’t gotten a rejection letter then your still in the game. Good luck
  6. I wrote a letter saying pretty much that. I meet the standards., etc. Signed the bottom and send it off via snail mail. Just out of curiosity did any one get anything via snail mail about being accepted?
  7. It was my pleasure to meet most of you today! I enjoyed interviewing at the U. Beautiful campus and liked the program. Hope to see ya in May.
  8. Hello fellow applicants! Flying in tomorrow around 11am for Friday’s interview. I just checked the weather and it will be cold and raining! Pack accordingly and wear something warm.
  9. @ChristineQLe here’s a link to their stats about application and number of interviews given. From prior years it looks like 166 get interviews. I am guesstimating here, 35-40 per interview, so maybe 4-5 total interview days? LLU admissions
  10. @jaredt it was the same day. Maybe check your spam box. I would call them on Monday.
  11. Question, if anyone knows, what is the interview style? i can't seem to find any info on the website or email that was sent. MMI or traditional? just found the answer to my own question. There's a second attachment in the email, "Dear Interviewee" . Looks like it's a traditional interview
  12. Any suggestions on hotels to stay at near the campus? Flying in from Cali for Nov 17th.
  13. Does anyone know how many seat they have? looking at the previous demographics 44 + 16 for the new St George campus total of 60 or so?
  14. Got an invite as well. Have to brush up on my anatomy/physiology material. It’s been a while since I took those classes. ?
  15. Received email for interview. 2nd time applicant. Quite surprised I got one.
  16. Just got my supplemental invite. I submitted in mid July. Thought I was axed out from the lack of communication or invite. Seems late in the game no?
  17. Oh man, I know how it feels. Best of luck. Did they mention why? Last time it was because my BS wasn't going to be completed on time.
  18. Hello! not sure if my last message went through . I received an email a few days later after i submitted my secondary that i was missing a letter from a professor. That keeps my app from moving forward. Hope that you can get that LOR !



  19. Just got the secondary app email. Notice they require a LOR from a science professor. I took my sciences 3-5 years ago! Should I even submit the seondary? Don't want to spend the 75 buck then be rejected for not having the LOR. Anyone ran into this problem? I will email them in the AM.
  20. @maxpower i noticed a few schools give preference to residents from where the schools is. MEDEX gives preference to students from the NW, and i think Oregon State also give preference from Oregon. They still accept students from other states, but it seems that residents have an edge.
  21. Maybe that's the average applicant, but it sounded like 3.2 is the unofficial cutoff.
  22. Dont think its just for Cali residents. Sounds like they might have preference on cali students
  23. Looks like no one has started a thread, so here ya go! Good Luck and happy thoughts to all !!
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