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  1. Some Pre-PA students transfer in years 2 and 3 with quite a bit of experience to finish prerequisites. For those who need more healthcare experience, we help our Pre-PA students get experience through CNA, EMT, and volunteer work. We do not require the Pre-PA students to do a specific experience, but instead, work with their interests and help find healthcare opportunities that best fit them.
  2. CSM is an all Women college, and since the PA program begins as an undergraduate before progressing to graduate, we can only accept Women at this time.
  3. College of Saint Mary in Omaha, NE, will be starting a PA program, which combines a 5-year Bachelor of Science in Human Biology & Master of Science in Physician Assistant. Start in Pre-Physician Assistant classes leading to a Bachelor of Science in Human Biology and begin PA classes in your 4th year of study. If accepted as a Pre-PA student and progression requirements are completed successfully, you will be enrolled in CSM’s PA program with no further application required! College of Saint Mary … • Offers small class sizes and one-to-one attention from caring and knowledgeable profes
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