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  1. Hi sir, after your scroll came back, how long did it take for your Orders and shipping to DCC? I am currently in the process. The boards will meet on 09/14, CV has been accepted, passed MEPs, recruiter has already started the scroll process. I wonder if my timeline will be very similar to yours
  2. I just received and email of acceptance and scholarship! Happy holidays!! It took me three years to finally be accepted :)
  3. Received an email from CBU graduate admissions on Mar 30. I have officially been rejected. Good luck to the rest of you!
  4. I just received a phone call for an interview this Friday! 1/20
  5. Now, I wake up to an email, I cry. Waitlisted. Congrats to those that got into the program!!
  6. Yea...they said they will let us know sometime February but I am hoping that they meant that's when everybody will know for sure. Looking at last year's thread, people started hearing December 12th or 13th so hopefully this year will be the same! Constantly checking my email is pure torture!
  7. Hi, I am also an applicant this cycle. I submitted my CASPA in August but did not receive any confirmation so I sent them an email and this was their response! "Thanks for your message! Due to the high volume of applicants, we are not sending out individual confirmations at this time. However, I looked in CASPA and your application did make it through. If you are selected for an interview, you will be contacted some time in January."
  8. It may be tough but I recommend writing new papers that cover another aspect of you as an applicant. The whole purpose of the supplement application (in my opinion) is an opportunity to tell them more about ourselves so that they can get a better perspective of who we are and what type of background we have. To me, it was a great opportunity to mention things that I was not able to in my previous statement that I wrote for CASPA.
  9. I just received an email to schedule for the candidate visit day! There are five different dates, would it be best to schedule for the closest date or a day that I will be free? I have work on one day but I can make myself available. Im just nervous and am worried haha Nevermind! I scheduled for the 28th! So excited :)
  10. Here is an revised version of my essay! :) Thank you for the feedback! It is impossible for one to change without reason whether it is a habit, goal, or dream. Everything requires a stimulus. It can be a change in thought, motivation, or through personal experience. In my case, experience has shaped me into the person I am now with a new goal, to become a Physician Assistant (PA). During my senior year in high school, I was given the opportunity to go on a mission trip to Borocay, Philippines. I imagined a nice hotel with a beautiful beach and enjoying delicious dried mangoes. However,
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