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  1. Dan I think they do. I know a current student I met said that she interviewed last January and got in so they must still have dates! :)
  2. Congrats!! Do you know if the interview is closed or open file? Do they mention your grades, etc?
  3. I was verified July 10th and sent to Barry shortly after. Have you tried contacting them directly Dan? Are you applying to udm also?
  4. Awesome! I applied at udm as well. :) I'm flying in Thursday morning and staying at a best Western near campus
  5. Sounds awesome thanks for sharing! :) Did there seem to be many out of staters?
  6. Yes that is what I heard too. I will let you know! Let me know if you hear anything too! :)
  7. Just scheduled my interview for October 10th at the Miami shores campus. Hope to meet some of you there! :)
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