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  1. Hey! I was wondering the same thing! So I called the Admissions office. They said they were just finishing up getting those who started this fall all settled in, but now that thats all done we should start to see the closed Facebook group they will begin, reading material, immunizations, etc. Courtney said it would happen within the next two weeks or so! Looking forward to meeting you all in January!
  2. I never did use the 60 credit recalculation. I received an email today inviting me for an interview, but declined the invite. Guess they are still working on the process. Good luck to you all!
  3. Sounds like your commute is about as long as mine. My husband and I have a house so I'm definitely not moving! I'm sure we will manage!!
  4. I live about 45 minutes away, but in the opposite direction (outside of Concord) and am planning on commuting every day too
  5. I did send an email last week but still havent heard anything from her yet. I was accepted into another school and wanted to be able to compare both but I think the 30 day deposit limit will expire before we do hear anything.
  6. Im going to try and stop working about a month before we start so I can relax and get ready!
  7. HI all! I just figured I would start a forum for all of those starting next January!! I am so excited and looking forward to meeting you all!
  8. I live in nh The postage date on the envelope was march 3rd
  9. Congratulations!! They sent my admission decision to the wrong address on accident:/ I hope it's good news!! But now I'm not sure where it is in the postal system :(
  10. I sent an email asking for an update so I will let you all know if I hear anything!!Good luck to you all!
  11. Anyone heard anything yet? I interviewed on the 27th as well!!
  12. Im guessing no one has heard anything yet since that last email from Julia?
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