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  1. Thank you for your response! From what I have discovered about Cardio Cath Techs it seems there is a good amount of job responsibility which is exciting to me. However, I am uncertain if the amount of hours working in a Cath Lab v.s. working in the OR as a Surgical Tech will help me as much for my long term interests. I most certainly want to obtain my BS with something that would gear me toward becoming a Surgical PA, but I feel as though my options are somewhat slim. Could anyone recommend some good options for someone early in their journey?
  2. I am a 23 year old CNA currently getting my AS and Surgical Technology certification at community college. I am very excited to work in the OR and want to become a Surgical PA. However, with clinicals starting I have some concerns about what undergraduate path to take. (I am confident in my grades, I did very well in my science classes and my current gpa is a 3.4) Jefferson University has a partnership with my community college and because I will have satisfied more than 50% of my prerequisites at Community College I can get my BS and Cardiovascular Catheterization Technology Certifica
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