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  1. Will definitely negotiate for more vacation/sick time. Not being able to work Urgent Care per diem really does hurt, as I'd like to keep my "generalist" skill set up. Not too keen on the idea of this low ball training period pay so will probably fore-go this. Any idea of what's appropriate compensation for taking call? Seems 55+ hr/week is the standard with surgery.
  2. Thanks for the input. Yea, the 33/hr doesn't sound so hot but they are looking to put in the extra time to train and retain. Checked the AAPA 2013 reports which state 85k/year for <1 year experience is the norm locally. They do cover for family for which I'll be paying out of pocket but not too bad. Also, fiance is a teacher and gets GREAT health coverage for when we start a family.
  3. Hey Folks, Recent graduate received job offer with Ortho/Trauma. I will perform hospital round, first assist & clinic. Training Period Base Pay: 46,000 Base Pay: 92,000 [based on 50 hr work week], range of 50-55hrs CME: $2000, 5days PTO: 15 vacation Days, 4 Personal 7 Holidays off Call: 1/7 Days. Weekend Call 1/8 weekends. No add'l pay Bonus consideration: after 1 year Thoughts?
  4. @Ventana Awesome, I will definitely push for payment as a PA and If they try to lowball then hopefully just start as a PA once credentialed or walk. We are projecting a 2-3 month time frame between state licensure, hospital and surgicenter credentialing worst case scenario.
  5. Thanks guys, We definitely did not discuss numbers as far as being employed as a Tech. Ideally I will be compensated as a PA. Will discuss this with the surgeon as far as how this would pan out should I accept. Just hesitant I guess because I do not to get screwed over. Thanks for your help.
  6. Hey Forum Folks, Recent grad here with an "interesting" proposal as part of a potential job offer. Should I consider taking a surgery position where I would work as a "tech" until fully credentialed (about 3 months) Thanks for your help.
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