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  1. Im so sorry! I just saw this! There was a master bedroom available in an all female house for 675 excluding utilities. Not sure if it's still available but the info was on the Facebook page.
  2. If you re-applied to the same schools, they'll be able to track your progress and hopefully see your determination. Best of luck to you!
  3. What is your sGPA? I assumme the 3.08 is your overall?
  4. PS I was in your same exact shoes so I definitely know how you feel. But don't give up if it's what you really want.
  5. I had re-applied to a PA program this year. Last year, I applied with a sGPA of 2.61, which did not even meet their minimum. This year, I re-applied with a sGPA of 2.84, which met their minimum but was under their average. To my surprise, I was invited for an interview. I thought it was a joke and wasn't even going to go because I figured I'd be rejected afterwards, especially since I was being rejected left and right from other programs I had applied to. I decided to go to the interview to gain interview experience for when I re-applied to programs again next year. Before the interview, other candidates were discussing their stats, with sGPAs of 3.6 and 3.9s. I felt extremely intimidated. I left my interview expecting a rejection, best case low-alternate waitlist. Guess what? I got accepted! And this program was my #1 choice. Surprisingly, some of the high sGPA candidates, that I felt intimidated by, were actually low alternate waitlisted. Now the moral of this story isn't that low stats will get you in while high stats won't. That is not the case at all. But apparently there was more about me and my application that sufficed for the uncompetitive sGPA. At my interview, they asked me about it and I explained myself very well, taking 100% of the blame upon myself (even though I've experienced many terrible professors who can not teach science). Gbrothers98 couldn't have said it better. If PA is what you really want, stick through it. I had to re-take classes, which was an absolute pain in the behind. But it definitely paid off. Best of luck to you!
  6. Both of your GPAs are great! Even if it remains the same and doesn't go up, I think you'll be fine. It seems like you have a great background and would be a competitive candidate for many PA programs. Best of luck to you!
  7. Hey fellow classmates! I'm Ani and will be joining you guys in the Fall (I'm from Los Angeles btw). Congrats to all of us! As far as living situations go, I wanted to ask you guys something before I start doing research. I want to look into houses around campus. I am not familiar with the area and still have a lot of research to do but what I wanted to know are the following: Anyone here interested in living with 3 other roommates? (I don't want to look into a 4 bedroom house if you all have roomies and stuff set). Are you guys open to an estimated 500-600 (or 700 max) dollar monthly rent in a spacious house? Anyone familiar with which areas are "safe" around there? Again, this is just an idea I have and am not guaranteeing anything. If I decide to continue with it (after seeing what some of you say), I will definitely keep you guys posted! Thanks guys! Talk to you all soon!
  8. To March 11th interviewees: I got my letter in the mail today and I'm in :) I live in Los Angeles, CA so mine may have arrived earlier than any of you who live further. Best of luck and I hope you all hear good news!
  9. this is interesting and totally worth it if it comes with great benefits.
  10. Hey guys! Congrats on all the interviews! I received an interview invite for March 11th too. This is my very first PA interview EVER and I am very excited yet nervous. To all who have interviewed, what is Touro, CA's interview format? Considering it is 6 hours long, it must have several components and I wanted to get an idea of how the day will go about. Thank you in advance for all the help.
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