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  1. By what you have said, it looks like he is on a good track, getting degree evaluated, getting GPA, taking Toefl, taking classes at community college, all these things are required. I would add GRE, shadowing, more HCE with more responsibilities, and make sure his prerequisite GPA is perfect. As per colleges, any PA program that accepts a Bachelors degree from outside of USA would be a good choice to apply at. So if I was him, I would shortlist at least 6-10 schools that accept foreign degrees and do not require a degree from United states. Unless he has a degree from the US.
  2. This is NHSC scholarship which is to promote Primary Care. NHSC pays for your entire tuition during PA school, also pays you a monthly stipend. In return, you will commit to work in a Primary care speciality in a NHSC approved site. Usually sites are in locations to serve underserved communities. They might be in a City setting or a rural setting, depends upon where you are looking. After you graduate, you look for work just like any other job, only difference is that you search openings only at NHSC approved sites. Check this link https://www.nhsc.hrsa.gov/sites/ You can also use this to search openings at this point of time https://connector.hrsa.gov/search If you have any more questions you can ask me or https://nhsc.hrsa.gov/scholarships/faqs.html
  3. Thank you! My credit check was done in first or second week of June, by Credco.
  4. I got the finalist email around 11 o clock this morning. Now just waiting for Monday to get enrollment verification forms signed from school, so I can submit it and accept the award. Anybody knows why they say they are awarding it but there is no guarantee? This is what it shows
  5. Thank you for a detailed post. My question is while applying, it asks for Evaluation Recommendation - VA Form10-0491E which seems like a recommendation form. Who fills it? and how many are needed to apply for this scholarship? I am not currently employed by VA and neither i am a Veteran.
  6. I personally got in at Duke PA program few months back. I am just checking these for one of my friend who interviewed recently.
  7. I was under impression that these weeks are last weeks of the interviews at Duke. Anybody has any interview invitations for next month?
  8. Anybody heard back from Duke after Wed 25th Interviews? How many vacant seats still are there?
  9. I also made an estimate and so far I think I can manage with a little bit less than Duke`s estimate. But I am still trying to find ways to see if i can somehow manage to pay off interest during school, so as not to accrue too much of it. I made a budget, but at now my thinking is to how to cut down or make sure that I do not pay way too much interest. So I am just trying to look for ideas about that.
  10. I done it already, used my 2015 Tax info. It lets you import that info. directly from IRS website. I wanted to know if others are doing it and getting in touch with Duke about it. Because I was thinking of check with Duke if my FASFA thing looks alright to them. Its my first ever time doing it and first time looking into student loans etc. Other thing I was curios about was loans, how people are thinking of financing school.
  11. So what is next? Completed all forms, got payment confirmation.
  12. Got it confirmed. I wish there were step by step instruction about payment in the email. Anyhow excited now for Aug 2017!
  13. So I made the deposit, by selecting term Fall 17, adding $1125 as amount. Got email confirmation of payment but nothing else. I guess i did well because there are hardly any instructions.
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