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  1. Do you mind sharing your GRE scores? I am scheduled to take it for the third time in June but not so sure i want to wait that long to apply here!
  2. I am interested in taking Biochem here and possible organic chem 2. Has anyone taken Organic Chem 2 here before? How was that class? All of the comments about biochem are very helpful! I have been taking courses online at UNE and are very familiar with them and am looking to switch. Are the exams at Doane proctored like UNE? Thank you.
  3. Wondering if there has been any movement from the waitlist? Just getting anxious as I start to prepare for next cycle!
  4. Does anyone know when they start to pull off the waitlist? And has anyone on the waitlist heard anything recently? I was waitlisted back in October and am just anxiously waiting! Thanks!
  5. Anyone know how soon they start to take applicants from the waitlist? Do they wait until all interviews are completed? Thanks!
  6. Anyone know how full the class is? I’m still waiting to hear back since my interview in July.
  7. Anyone know how full the class is and if they are still sending out invites?
  8. Waitlisted at one, denied from one, and still haven’t heard back since my interview in july. Not all hope is lost but starting....
  9. I am in the same boat as you. Applied here very early and haven’t heard anything! I’ve interviewed at 3 others schools but not accepted from any! I’m losing hope.
  10. So funny, I was denied at TJU but received an invite for PhilaU!
  11. Do any of the current students or recently accepted applicants know if anything has changed about philaU’s program since being acquired by TJU? I know the change is still new but am hoping to see if there’s any confirmed changes. Please feel free to message me or reply here thank you!
  12. Hi there! Do you mind sharing when your interview was? Thanks!
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