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  1. Thanks for the advice. Another question I have is in regards to malpractice insurance. The group pays for claims based insurance but doesn't cover tail coverage. How much does this usually cost? And is it worth getting my own malpractice to see if they will cover costs for it? Thanks.
  2. Thank you for the advice. If anyone else has input, it would be greatly appreciated.
  3. Not sure why the PA(s) are leaving. I plan on finding this out some how. Is it reasonable to ask that professional meeting days are paid for separately and not taken from PTO? I will ask for clarification on "professional meeting". EVH training will be provided on the job. Can anyone point me in the right direction for salaries for CTS PAs? Any links?
  4. Thanks. Any other things that I should consider before countering? Anything I should ask specifically or ask to have in writing prior to accepting an offer?
  5. @crossbone2007 I spoke with some of the PAs in regards to when the day typically ends. On average they end the day around 3 pm. Sometimes earlier. Sometimes later. What do you mean that I don't have full benefits? What would be a reasonable base salary and other items I should counter with? Thanks.
  6. Just wanted to get advice on how the offer looks as this would be my first job out of school. It's an offer at a well established Cardiothoracic and Vascular group in Louisiana. Base salary: $90,000, exempt employee (base salary will compensate for all work performed) Duties: 1st assist, EVH, no clinic, M-F 6:30 am until work is completed for the day, round on weekends the days you are on call, work at 3 hospitals, make rounds after hours Call: Rotate weeknight and weekend call with PAs. Right now have 8 PAs. I would be 9th. Possibility of 1-2 PAs leaving by the time I would start Retirement: 401k eligible after 1 year. Group contributes 3% (safe harbor contribution), match 60% of compensation that I defer up to 7.5% of gross compensation Professional liability insurance: 100% paid, if terminated no extended reporting endorsement will be purchased by the group Health: will pay majority of premium Dental: will make available voluntary coverage Longer term disability, short term disability and life insurance: 100% paid by group Vacation/professional meetings: 20 paid days/vacation meetings in 1st Year, professional meeting days taken from vacation days, 1 additional vacation day per year of employment max of 10 additional day; will pay all pre-approved expenses, subject to amounts, associated with attendance of 1 professional or seminar per year (I've been told $2500 for CME specifically); only 1 PA allowed on vacation at a time (only exception are national conferences or other approved meetings) Personal leave: 1 day Sick leave: 7 days (does not carry over) Professional dues: all membership fees to remain in good standing with profession and dues for memberships required for local hospitals or liability carrier covered by group Thanks in advance! Good luck to everyone.
  7. Is there a facebook page setup already for those who are accepted into the program?
  8. For those who have been through the interview process, how is it setup? And what can we expect? Thanks in advance!
  9. Declined my acceptance offer today. Good luck to those that were accepted and to those that are still waiting to hear!
  10. Just be yourself. Relax. Be confident but humble. Ask questions when asked if you have a question for them. During "down time" talk to the current students. Ask them questions about the program and things outside the program. Main thing is to relax. The faculty are very nice. Do your research about the program and the profession. If you can find common ground with the interviewer it can help. Try to make it a conversation rather than a Q and A but at the same time remember not to ramble. Remember you are selling yourself and the program is selling itself too. If you received the interview that means they think that you could be in the program. They are basically testing to see if you can hold a conversation and can think about things under stress and put together a well organized and good answer to the questions. Good luck!
  11. Received an interview invite yesterday! Good luck to everyone!
  12. I received an offer to interview yesterday. Turned it out. Hopefully someone else can have the opportunity to interview. Good luck!
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