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  1. Verified today! Let's keep each other posted as communication starts coming in from OHSU. For those of you who applied last cycle, how was the communication from the program? Were they relatively quiet, or did they send out regular updates?
  2. It sounds like you have some true strengths to your application. I wouldn't worry too much about which schools are "numbers" focused vs. using a holistic review. The fact is, much of this process is arbitrary. What one programs values one year, they may not value it the next, what one interviewer values, another may not. I think you've done all you can do by putting together the best application possible. I think, one way or another, this will be a successful cycle for you!
  3. Thanks for the info--that makes me feel better. Has CASPA verified your application yet? How's your progress going with the other programs where you're applying?
  4. I'm trying to decide if now is the time to submit my application to Utah. The deadline is fast approaching (August 1st will be here before we know it), but I have 3 prereqs I'm taking this summer, and Utah will not review an application until they are all completed, IIRC. However, my courses won't all be completed until August 7th, since I'm starting one later in the summer. Does anyone know if Utah has rolling admissions?
  5. @lanime, Thanks for the kind words. I don't know that a new thread needed to be started; it's not a huge deal that there was a bit of conflict here, since that is a natural part of life and interaction. It also led to some clarifying information, which was a good thing for everyone reading the thread. I'm still hopeful for the posts that will be contributed here, so I may stick around this thread, unless it is utterly abandoned by everyone else (but there's no call for that). Again, I think the negativity was from one person only, and he/she hasn't been back to comment, so the nega
  6. Mine is completed and submitted as of early last week. I'm not sure what my GPA will be calculated as through CASPA, but my cumulative GPA looks to be around 3.25, and my science GPA is a 3.8, with my last 60+ hours being 3.70-3.80. I have more than 4,000 hours of healthcare experience with underserved populations, a masters degree in another field, and strong connections to rural healthcare, so hopefully I'll be competitive! I am out of state, but I chose Wake (and all my programs this cycle) because they seem to have a more holistic review of applicants and value more than raw GPA number
  7. CASPA's website says that it could take up to 4 weeks for programs to get the applications materials after they are marked "complete" by CASPA, which could take from 2-4 weeks alone. Did you apply to many programs last cycle @DStillwagon? Is there any insight you can offer applicant this cycle on how the process was for you last year? What was great about the program in your view?
  8. It sounds like we have a lot in common! My wife is on board this year to opening up the school selections as well, so I have added 10 additional programs to my list on top of Wichita State (Yale, Northwestern, RFU, Duke, Wake, UNC, GWU, OHSU, Utah, and UC Denver). What about you? Where else are you applying? If you go to the information session, will you please report back to us what you learn? I could see that being really helpful for those who don't get the opportunity this year to go to one. I look forward to cheering you on this cycle!
  9. I contacted the admissions department to get clarification on the supplemental issues that have been discussed in this thread. There is no honor code or statement signed by applicants agreeing to keep the essays confidential. They did say, however, that their preference is that they are not posted on online forums such as this one, not because they need to remain confidential, but because the program puts a time limit on answers so as to replicate an in-person interview style, requiring applicants to answer extemporaneously, rather than through polished answers. Plus they said that were so
  10. I submitted today! CASPA says it could take up to 4 weeks for the program to receive the submitted application, though, so I'm focusing on being patient. Is OHSU your top choice @lanime? Have you applied to many other programs as well? Is this your first cycle?
  11. Just submitted to Duke as well. I contacted CASPA to ask if transcripts needed to be verified before submitting and they said to submit now, and that the information from transcripts will be updated for the program at that time. So it just got real! I'm submitting to all of my programs today now that I have this info.
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