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  1. I was also offered a seat although I am very apprehensive to accept the offer fully because of the high cost of the school. Those who have been accepted how are you going to deal with this? Thanks
  2. I haven't heard anything. They have to be nearly full at this date.
  3. I was waitlisted after the 1/26 interview and have yet to hear back. I'm not sure if they go chronologically through the waitlist or not. The whole waitlist thing is a bit vague. Still hoping though. Glad someone posted about it though.
  4. Also medium waitlisted.. Sucks. Does anyone know if there is a high waitlist?
  5. I was planning on it but it's full so I'm staying at a nearby location. Looking forward to meeting you.
  6. I chose to apply to this program because my stats were comparable to those of successful applicants. I just want to know if that type of debt is even sustainable to manage as a PA.
  7. Oh I misread. I didn't see that you said the remainder are insurance etc.. Hopefully your right then.
  8. I am just curious as to how you found the $131,144 figure. According to the info on this link: http://studentservices.tu.edu/financialaid/cost.html the joint MSPAS/MPH degree with all three years seems to total over 236K. Please tell me your numbers are right.
  9. Hello, I have recently been invited to interview at a PA program. Despite being overjoyed at the prospects of finally becoming a PA student, I can’t help but worry about the cost of the program. The program I have been invited to interview at is Touro California. If i calculated the cost of the program correctly tuition will be over 200k. This seems really high and I honestly have no idea how anyone could pay it off with a PA salary. Does anyone have any input on this? Thanks!
  10. I really hope they have some seats open as well. This program seems fantastic. It seems like they should have some seats as they interview well into April. When did you submit all your materials to Touro?
  11. Thank you all for the replys.So is the consensus continue working to boost my application and not go for nursing?
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