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  1. If you want hours AND employment then look closely at the "wanted" ads in your area before you make a decision.
  2. Gender discrimination is still illegal in most circumstances, regardless of whether your employment is "at will" or not. Having said that, the law does allow for gender discrimination in some circumstances, and one of them is when the employee is working with people who expose intimate body parts -- a gym can refuse to hire a male as a women's locker room attendant, but not as the front desk receptionist. However, there is a certain burden on the employer to show that this is a patient preference. If the female patients don't mind a male provider then your employer doesn't really have a l
  3. Do you all have any thoughts on what the training should look like for a new grad starting in outpatient cardiology? I'm starting my first job as a PA this month and I'll be meeting with the practice manager later to discuss my mentoring program. I purposely took this offer because they want to ease me into the position. The only details I have so far is that they tentatively plan on starting me at four patients a day. I will be their first PA so they're as new to this as I am. I'm not really sure what I should suggest as far as training. Thanks in advance for any help.
  4. Schools prefer CNA over PTA. PTA may be acceptable, but you're better off getting a job where you work with providers rather than physical therapists. Having said that, the work of a PTA might be sufficiently more appealing that you decide it's worth a slight reduction in your competitiveness.
  5. Palming doesn't eliminate the sounds for me. I have had some success with holding the tubing, but I have to hold the tubing a couple inches proximal to the diaphragm (if I hold the tubing where it goes over metal it still transmits). This gives me a very floppy hold on the stethoscope and, like resting the stethoscope on the patient without hands, it's not always feasible. I don't think it's my particular stethoscope, given the brand and the fact that multiple attendings and preceptors have borrowed and used it without comment. However, I do think I could solve this problem by swit
  6. I have very noisy, creaky joints in my fingers, and whenever I auscultate patients I find I often hear more of my joints than I do of the heart. To make matters worse, the sounds made by my joints resemble adventitious heart sounds. I’ve read and tried many different ways of dealing with this, but no way of gripping the stethoscope definitively solves it, except to just rest the stethoscope on the patient’s chest without touching it (not always feasible). Practice has made me better at working around it, but I still feel like I need a better way. The one consistent workaround I’ve had is
  7. meagan, if you ever get an e-mail from a Nigerian prince, DON'T ANSWER.
  8. My favorite quote is this: Ms. Rought said her “rule of thumb” was that 20 percent of actinic keratoses progress to cancer. While that might once have been the popular understanding, research now suggests otherwise. Dr. Martin A. Weinstock, a professor of dermatology and epidemiology at Brown University, reported in a 2009 study of men with a history of two or more skin cancers that were not melanomas that the risk of an actinic keratosis progressing to skin cancer was about 1 percent after a year, and 4 percent after four years. More than 50 percent of the lesions went away on their
  9. I'm just curious. I know multiple people with highly variable knowledge bases who all average in the 69-71% range while taking Rosh Review.
  10. How common is it for a medical group to give bonuses to a PA every time he/she orders certain procedures or imaging that the medical group can do in-house? Are there any pitfalls to joining such a practice?
  11. Get the books. I recommend both PPP and the Babcock-O'Connell book, but if you're gonna get one then get Babcock-O'Connell. If you really want to be economical, be frugal with your big expenses (education, car, apartment) and your habitual/daily expenses (e.g. food and drink). I know so many PA students who blow hundreds of dollars on beverages alone and then get stingy about thirty dollar books.
  12. Where are you getting your information? School rankings have nothing to do with their ability to prepare you for the PANCE. If they did they might actually mean something.
  13. No need to feel stupid, but as a future provider do get into the habit of critically analyzing data like this. Look into how they come up with those rankings and you'll see why everyone who knows anything regards them as nothing.
  14. What "rank" are you talking about? Are you referring to US News and World Reports rankings? Outside the PA world nobody knows about those rankings. Inside the PA world everybody but pre-PAs has complete contempt for them. We seriously need to put a sticky in the pre-PA forum about why those rankings are a joke that should be ignored.
  15. It's like with driving. To legally drive you have to have a state-issued driver's license, but it doesn't have to be from the same state you're driving in. UNE is accredited by the same regional body that accredits Harvard and Yale. Those credits are good anywhere in the U.S.
  16. You could have taken it. It does matter that a school is regionally accredited. It doesn't matter which region it's accredited in.
  17. If a school doesn't require a prerequisite then you don't need it. Anyone with a completed Bachelor's will tell you that schools have a very low threshold for making a prerequisite mandatory and we've all taken mandatory prerequisites that turned out to be completely unnecessary. I've taken UNE online biochem after taking Orgo I & II. The Orgo background made it about 4% easier.
  18. If Dr. Patel did in fact charge 250 bucks just for a five minute visit without doing any of the other things hospitalists do -- ordering/interpreting labs and imaging, consulting specialists, talking to nurses, writing notes, looking up literature -- then you would be right to be outraged.
  19. Hello all. I am a current PA student at a school in a neighboring state and I am in the process of applying for a job at Wake Forest. From what I've seen, Wake Forest seems to be hiring a lot of PAs, including new grads (I know at least two classmates who have secured jobs there). Can any current students verify that they are indeed hiring a lot and give any reason why this is the case? Feel free to PM if you'd like to keep your answers private.
  20. I knew my skimming (rather than actually reading) would catch up to me eventually.
  21. It's not your math. It's your logic. You become a "practicing physician" at the start of your residency, not at the end of it.
  22. Gas-X doesn't hinder farts. It helps you fart. It's a medication you take to relieve painful bloating. If you want to change your diet but still stay healthy, my advice would be to cut down on legumes and whole grains. Legumes are great for you but there's really no good way around their side effects other than to limit their use. Whole grains are definitely preferable for people not getting other sources of fiber, but in my opinion whole grains do not offer a significant health advantage if you're already getting loads of fiber from fruits and vegetables.
  23. I've tried going vegan before and beano did not help at all. You will have to either change your diet or do the rip and run every day.
  24. Pathophysiology Made Ridiculously Simple by Aaron Berkowitz. Get something to study the basics of the autonomic nervous system. The first couple chapters of Pharmacology Made Ridiculously Simple explain it pretty well.
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