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  1. What states are the rotations in? I am from utah and I would like to do some rotations there. Do they let you set up your own rotations if possible?
  2. I currently have 1900 hours of volunteer/paid patient hours. I start my application this April. Most of my hours I have accumulated working as a residential support staff for people with mental disabilities. I worked at a troubled youth ranch for a summer. This past year I was able to work as a medical assistant/ nutritionist for the people with mental disabilities. I have even been on a medical mission with my school for week in the Dominican republic. I went to an info session at the U and they encouraged me to apply but made it clear that the average patient exposure hours of their current
  3. I have a question about my personal statement in my caspa application. I have a 3.5 gpa and have been diagnosed with learning disability as a sophomore. I feel that I have overcome it and very confident in my abilities to academically succeed in a PA program. I have voleenteer experience that is rooted in the fact that I have a learning disabilty. I am nervous about admitting this fact in my application. Do you think if I mention my diagnosed disability it may effect me in a negative way?
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