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  1. Its nice to see some programs keep their standards high. Its also important to see what the programs needs are. The program I attended focused more on academics and the class average GPA was generally >3.5-3.6. They get >1k applicants for the same 50 seats, but majority of the accepted students werent heavy on their HCE (many had <500). As it was a 3 year program, so they looked for different qualities than other programs perhaps.
  2. In an ideal scenario, that would be great.
  3. Would like to add in here that as a prior ATC with 10 years experience now as a new grad PA considering Ortho, you are quite the hot commodity and should ABSOLUTELY expect to make well above 50-75%. Furthermore, ortho just happens to be one of the higher paid specialties, partly also owing to the long hours generally associated with it. The only way I can see this offer being remotely agreeable is if you can get in writing that youll have the 10+ weeks of vacation on top of your slotted vacation/holiday time. Also I know that if I randomly had 2 months off, I probably wouldn't know what to do
  4. however one thing such a requirement could do theoretically is push away some of the smartest students with higher GPAs but low verified experience. Honestly, recruiting students with experience is an absolute "head start" since they may already know the basics but that shouldnt be a reason to turn away an otherwise academically oriented student who would be able to learn this new material at a faster pace than said experienced student. Again, from what I've seen in my own class and in conversation with students from 2 other PA schools in the area is that its generally the young, unexperi
  5. NYC is pretty saturated with schools, but there are lots of jobs in the area IMO. Although pay is around the average nationally, the cost of living kills it. Eitherway, being from NYC, I would consider the OPs offer very insulting. As a new grad, many interviewers have told me they wouldnt expect me to see over 15-18 pts a day in the first year and then onwards would like to see me with >20/day. This is in specialties, however its a similar 9-5 outpatient setting.
  6. not denying it would be helpful. it would most definitely be helpful. What is in question is whether it should be necessary. Haven gone thru school with a relatively blank slate, I can say that it wasnt an issue for me to grasp concepts than people who were more experienced. In fact, the 5 smartest students in my class were all like me, with low HCE / High GPA. As for getting ready to practice in that timeframe, its definitely a challenge, as is PA school, but certainly should be seen as an impossible feat. Several schools with thousands of students have gone thru PA school with zero contribut
  7. what exactly about this HCE experience do you think validates people into a new category of being a better provider? Ive encountered many students, some with extensive prior experience and many with very little (or none) and I cant say there has been a vast difference between the two. Same goes for people in my class, I cant say I would look at my experienced classmates any different. Their experience is helpful in the field they were in, but I cant speak to any broad advantage they have that makes them better providers. Several other professions have competent professionals with similar
  8. I went to a top 5 PA school with <500hrs of HCE as an EMT-B. Hasn't been a problem during admission, throughout PA school and certainly hasnt been an issue in finding good jobs either. Many people on these boards make a bigger deal about HCE than admissions committees so I wouldnt take it personally. Times are changing and the focus is going more and more towards academics.
  9. Anyone know of any CME opportunities or courses that train in harvesting vein? New grad PA here with an employer who may be willing to send me over to do a course or training class. Any information will be appreciated. -Thank you
  10. https://www.paworld.net/jobs/ good resource if youre just looking at various regions.
  11. http://heartsurgerypa.com/1/post/2012/06/10-things-that-every-new-cardiothoracic-surgery-pa-should-be-doing.html
  12. Again, I think its very important to calculate your hourly pay. Also, call should never be uncompensated (esp for a PA). You can work those hours and do urgent care or ER (without any call) making $40-45hr as a new grad and make ~120k to start. Something to consider.
  13. in our didactic phase we had 7 a semester. Alot of this varies by program and more classes doesnt always necessarily mean more work. Many times programs will have 4-5 classes but cover the same amount of information in that semester.
  14. Im a soon to be new graduate and im really interested in a residency program but know my grades are a hurdle. I have a 2.6. Can anyone comment on my prospects of getting into a residency(particularly surgery residencies) with these grades? Thank
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