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  1. I took it today and second this. I had a few x-rays and ekgs
  2. Took the PANCE today and I felt Rosh Review questions were on par with the PANCE. Excellent review material. I also used the PANCE/PANRE question book by Dwayne Williams and that book is really good as well.
  3. EKPA


    I got an AAPA pre-PA membership just to be able to put it on my application because I heard it shows dedication to becoming a PA but who knows? When I interviewed applicants while as a student, I didn't really look at whether they were an AAPA member or not.
  4. Sounds like a pretty good deal. Are there additional RVU incentives? It seems to be a better deal than the two offers I recently had (new grad). May I ask what region of the country this job is?
  5. My job in the ED is to be SENSITIVE....to catch EVERYTHING, including some bycatch (stuff ya didn't want to catch). Excellent point...
  6. Hey all, I've been talking with an ER staffing company, ApolloMD about a job and when I asked about type of malpractice, I was sent a FAQ flier (attached). Information in the flier says I'd be covered by MMICNC/MSIC at $1/3m and the language seems to imply that there is something like tail coverage but doesn't specifically state it. What is AM Best Rating? Do I need to have any mention of the malpractice specifically in the contract? Thank you all for reading.
  7. During my recent EM rotation, I saw a 45 year old guy with hx DM, 10 days s/p MVC who was well initially but developed dizziness x 3 days. A car backed up into his parked car while he sat. He denied head trauma, LOC + no focal neuro findings. I presented to my preceptor and said I don't feel this warrants a CT and I got chewed out a little for my choice of diagnostics (lack of). Still don't get it. CT was negative.
  8. Hey all, I'll be graduating in a week and I've been in touch with the new director of a local ER. I've known him professionally in the past and there is mutual interest in getting me to work there. The ER in question recently acquired a new contract that I've heard is purely RVU based pay. I don't know specifics yet as I haven't yet been presented with a contract. As a new grad with expectedly low productivity, would it be a bad idea to sign on for only RVU pay? Thanks in advance for your advice.
  9. I probably read mine at least once every night for about 2 months before I submitted it. It really helped to view it from different perspective, depending on my mood that day and whether I've had a few beers or not. I just kept going until the rest of my application was ready to be submitted.
  10. I'm here to encourage any applicant to not lose hope. I was a sub 3.0 applicant as well, although I did have a Master's with a great trending GPA. Try to visit faculty members for meetings. I can't emphasize this enough. I know with near certainty that I was accepted over 1000+ others who had better stats. I credit a lot of it to letting faculty members getting to know me as a prospective student prior to applying. Good luck!!!
  11. I agree with most of what people wrote above. I think you're in a good spot to work towards PA school- although not for this coming cycle, but the next. There are a lot of people your age who come to this forum for advice with similar stories as yourself, but they have unimpressive grades. No need to get another degree. I say work to get some HCE full time and take some night classes at a community college. You seem pretty confident in academics but please don't try to take like 4 courses while working full time. And don't underestimate the difficulty of these classes because they're in co
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