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  1. Current age - 30 Undergrad - Tulane University (Top 50 National Private) Cum GPA - 2.81 Science GPA - 3.10 Pre-Req GPA - 3.48 GRE - 320 Total - 162V (90%) 158Q (70%) 4.5 AW (82%) HC Experience - 5000hrs total - ED Tech Level II Trauma Center 4300hrs EMT-B 700hrs PA Shadowing - 28hrs - Urgent Care, ED Volunteer - Medical Assistant Mobile Clinic 120 hrs - Medical Mission Trip Cambodia 120 hrs Most of my terrible grades are almost 10 years old...I am not that kid anymore. It would take 10 4 credit A's to bring my Cum
  2. I'm taking an Orgo course starting May 23rd ending June 23rd. It's my final course. I'm also going on a Medical Relief trip right afterwards until June 9th. I've heard you should apply as soon as possible. Is July too late?
  3. “Hey Ted, can you dip this urine?”, “Hey Ted, can I get an EKG in room 5?”, “Hey Ted, can you package 1A on the monitor for transport to Telemetry?”, “Hey Ted, we have a code coming in, get C3 setup, and prep the bedside nurse.”, “Hey Ted, I’ve got to get an IV in this baby in 5, can you watch my rooms, update vitals, and get any labs/POC tests done until I’m free?”, “Hey Ted, take a look at this EKG, should I get a repeat? Is that artifact or actual depressions in V3?” As an ED Tech at a Level 2 Trauma Emergency department with 50,000 visits per year, over the course of a 13 hour night shift
  4. After Oct 1st is my guess. Sent from my XT1254 using Tapatalk
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