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  1. Life long pre-med here. Been rethinking things for a while in regards to medical school vs PA school. it took me right until the point that my applications for medical school were due to realize that I don't want to go through with it. I am on my spring break right now and would appreciate any PA to allow me to shadow him/her Thank you, My email is adamrose@buffalo.edu
  2. Hey everyone, Just signed up on this sight after a few days of lightly browsing. I am a junior undergrad, I've had a life long fairy tale dream of being a surgeon, but as reality sets in, and with the healthcare field changing, and the desire to have a balanced lifestyle, the PA profession is starting to look nice. the main reason I am hesitant in the PA field is the idea of being the "bitch" and given scutwork. As a surgical PA, more specifically in orthopedics, (maybe even more specifically in upper extremities if any of you guys are reading this), is there that feeling of inferiority, or more of a teamwork, partner vibe? Are PA's limited in surgery to just opening and closing wounds? or can they perform a variety of surgeries. Does anyone see this changing for the better or worse? Thank you!
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