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  1. I interviewed today. I think it went well. just like the previous guy mentioned on the first page, my experience was the same.
  2. Currently, I know that medical schools are researching to get some of their programs to 3 years. whose to say that within the next 10 years, there won't be bridge programs besides LECOM? from what I've read, heard, and generally understand, I feel that eventually, ,maybe not in the next 5 years, or even 15, but eventually there will be a name change, or some sort of career merge between PAs and DO/MD if PAs continue to overstep their originally designated duties from the 1970s And I'm surprised to hear that you would say the number is 99% of PAs
  3. I've thought about this for a while, so far I have only heard such true words come from you so far. I realize what I'm getting into. I can't speak for my 45 year old self, but to my 21 year old self, this seems like a good idea for me. PA salary is going up per year, and with introduction with (a form of lessor or greater) socialized healthcare, can't one say that PAs would become more valued ? I have also thought about going into academics at some point in my career.
  4. Ive been a hospital volunteer EMT, medical assistant, dental assistant, PT assistant. I've shadowed and worked alongside 5-6 NPs and students and I have shadowed and worked alongside ~10 PAs. i have asked the PAs and NPs to tell me the difference, and they really couldn't tell me the difference. hence why I came here. Didn't expect to get interrogated off of my mere 2 sentence explanation of my question. Funny to find out that after discussion of you PAs in the field, the consensus answer is "there is no difference in the grand scheme of things after a decade or so of practice , the formal education is the biggest difference" to paraphrase. I am pretty confused where the idea came from where I have no idea what a PA is. I never take things over the internet seriously, but this is a forum I am looking forward to being a part of for the next chapter of my life. I am offended. If someone came to me with an absurd question but truly did not know the answer, I would never ridicule them. And honestly, I know that in the medical field, PAs are bombarded with ridiculous questions every day, to the point where you appreciate knowing the answer and being happy to help them.
  5. Thanks but I think I'm comfortable with being one of the best midlevel providers in the game (one day)
  6. needless to say, this post started a hefty conversation involving many PAs on my oblivious question
  7. Im interested in surgery but I wasn't sure of any NPs working in surgery. I have been more focused on my path to become a PA to consider NPs in surgery, but I would like to know if there are NPS in surgery and the differences between them. to what I have gathered, First assist duties are best fit to PAs rather than NPs?
  8. The fact that instead of offering me advice as an established PA, you shut me down claiming I haven't done my own research is disconcerting But I wish you best
  9. got the email for interview. good luck to all
  10. Hi all. Long time lurker and upcoming interviewee for a pa school. Question on np vs pa: I know that the go to answer is "np is nursing model and pa is medical model" but what exactly does that mean? I could look up on google what that means, but i would rather know a more practical explanation from someone in the field! also to my understanding, NPs can only delve into like 3 specialties such as acute, inpatient, and outpatient or something like that? whats that all about and ALSO i know that PAs are always under the supervision of a doctor, but in the medical office i work at, the PA runs the office some days where the doctor isn't there. what law or rule allows this? thank you in advance
  11. I just got my first and hopefully not last interview invite! I thought long and hard about this question and its answer over the past few months and would like some feedback so that when I say it aloud in person, it comes out naturally and from the heart. "Why do you want to be a PA" i've always had a natural curiosity with science and how it can affect the human body and mind. as I entered college, I envisioned a future that would allow me to practice these relationships to not only benefit my well being and health, but also get the satisfaction from educating the uninformed and making a promising outcome in the lives of others. I began my academic career on a typical premed track but later in my college semesters learned that PAs were just as qualified to perform the roles that I saw for myself. from shadowing PAs across fields I learned that I too wanted to be in a position to make important life changing decisions while still having a doctor to confer with when needed. I also learned through working as a dental assistant, emt, pt aide, and medical assistant that there are so many themes to medicine and to pick one to stick with for my whole career doesn't seem like something I want to hold myself to. I really like the idea of shift work and working in emergency medicine when I am young with the piece of mind in knowing that years down the road, if I wanted to, I could transition to a more relax paced environment like primary care. I also like the idea of getting fast tracked into medicine because it would allow me the opportunity to get my life started earlier and make it more reasonable to start a family of my own if I want to. What do you guys think? Thanks in advance
  12. I got the information session email as well.. I am also from NY and work full time. I am debating if it is worth the trip for admission purposes. anyone know?
  13. I just applied to 12 schools but Im feeling nervous because of my GPA. I am struggling financially so I am not sure if it would be worth it to take a masters program. Would taking 2-4 upper level classes and getting A's make an impression? Freshman year GPA (2.6) Sophomore GPA (3.4) Junior year GPA (3.8) Senior year gpa (3.65) Overall cGPA 3.37 sGPA 3.15~ HCE: 500 hours EMT 100 Hours home health aide (uncertified) 64 hospital volunteer 24 physicial therapy aide 50 dental assistant 60 hours of shadowing doctors and nurses and NPs 115 hours shadowing PAs (4 in total Derm,Rheum,2 primary care) JUST STARTED MED ASSISTANT JOB ! Thank you!
  14. Submitted my caspa and Checked off that box as my family makes less than the boxed income number shown Was wondering if this is for grant/scholarship purposes or for school admission purposes thanks!
  15. Shouldn't I wait until I am granted an interview before starting to study?
  16. Well guys, its been a long ride. I would appreciate some sound advice... Freshman year GPA (2.6) (explained by my mother's cancer in my personal statement - had to travel home often from school) Sophomore GPA (3.4) Junior year GPA (3.8) Senior year gpa (3.65) Overall cGPA 3.37 sGPA 3.15~ TA for anatomy, physiology, biopsychology Year's worth of undergraduate research Philanthropy chair of Fraternity - raised money for AHA HCE: 64 hospital volunteer 24 physicial therapy aide ~60 hours of shadowing doctors and nurses and NPs 100 hours shadowing PA The following was accomplished starting this may to present: (i literally didn't sleep) 50 dental assistant 15 shadowing other PAs 500 hours EMT 100 Hours home health aide (uncertified) I have what I consider a very strong personal statement after nitpicking through hundreds I saw on here and drawing my story together to fit a template I believe looks competitive. 3 strong LOCS and probably one decent one from my EMT cheif I am a NY resident and applied to 12 schools (i didn't take the GRE so my choices are limited) AM I TOOOO LATE?? Id say half the schools i applied to are rolling admission What do you guys think :/ i know my gpa is shit from freshman year and thats why my sGPA is lacking. Also , what would be a good gap year approach?
  17. if you could respond on the above post that would be nice as well. thank you
  18. I have lurked these forums and noticed you actively post so I will take what you have to say seriously It seems as if due to the PA field's confidence or from outward economic and social pressures that PA responsibility will go up. Currently there are debates to make medical school shorter from 4 to 3 years at the same time as there are debates to make PA school from 2 to 3 years. There are laws being passed now that would allow unresidenced MDs to become "assistant physicians" while pas are trying to find a better name. Basically it seems that there is sort of a "meeting in the middle for PAs and MDs" for lack of a better idea, at some point in the future. I don't think it would be viable for such an increase in responsibility for PAs to not accompany some sort of steady salary increase for the next 5-10 years atleast. Would you agree with this idea?
  19. Hey guys, I am pre-health and before I make an ultimatum decision on my career I wanted to discuss some things regarding the future of what obamacare will implement on our healthcare system and how that will affect job satisfaction/demand/ and salary I think its obvious that as of now, doctors are getting more administrative in their duties with studies showing that a significant amount of their time is spent doing clerical/insurance work and that they are needing to see more and more patients with less time allotted to each patient. I can only assume that this has a huge negative effect on job satisfaction. At the same time, Is this the driving force that is responsible for the influx of demand for PAs? Are these new factors implemented by obamacare here to stay? There is much talk with the presidential candidates on TV about how they all hate obamacare and it needs to be removed. How realistic is this? In the end, will the US healthcare system still be driven to provide more coverage i.e. "a shortage of physicians"... i.e. "a demand for PAs"? Also, Just because there is a projected rate of 30% growth for the PA professsion from here till ~2022 (i could be wrong with this stat a bit), does this mean that the salaries will also increase? I am wondering if the demand is overhyped and that saturation of the profession could be an issue due to so many pa programs opening up.
  20. I have thought about becoming a PA for half of my undergrad career and I think i am ready to officially pursue it in hopes of applying this cycle. I just graduated University at Buffalo with a 3.36 cGPA and a 3.15sGPA with a significant upward trend from 2.2 freshman year to an average of 3.5-3.8 every other semester I only have 100 hours of Volunteer experience at combined 2 hospitals I have a job lined up as a dental assistant at this great place but that won't start till August I am desperately trying to find a job, volunteer if I have to so that I can get experience and hours for this application cycle I am a certified EMT-B but no one is hiring in my area!!! The local Fire department is interested in me but they said it would take 2 months to get through clearing. I don't want to waste two years at home, One would be more than enough.. Please offer any advice on how I can quickly get myself a Direct HCE position
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