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  1. If you truly thought they were questionable ways, I think this may partly answer your question. Suit of modest color seems formal to me, not only based on what I wear / other people wear, but also etiquette guides and otherwise.
  2. Yeah - those receiving calls should have received them yesterday.
  3. Thank you for your input on this. I am not sure what you consider to be high but like I had said, mine were around 70 percentile. I am leaning towards the unofficial score theory. By all means, they should be able to see unofficial scores if the scores were posted through CASPA because that preview pdf we can view is also the one they see. I am sure all those who did not have unofficial scores posted were sent the email, if those persons were indeed given consideration.
  4. Your take is interesting. I never received any such phone call or any seeming interest on their behalf, even though my GRE scores were not submitted to them officially until a little over three weeks after submitting my application to Stanford. About a month after I submitted my scores, after receiving no communication from them whatsoever, I received an interview invite. My GRE scores could be considered "good" (60-70 percentile aggregate) but not outstanding by any means. Your question about the canned email some of us (myself included) received - I did not put my unofficial scores on CA
  5. Congrats on your acceptance! I wish you the best of luck! As for the GRE email, you had said in a previous post they offered you an interview despite what they (or yourself) perceived your scores to be. However, in the body of this recent email that apparently you received as well, they claimed the scores may not have been received. If they did indeed give you feedback on your scores and then gave you an interview, that means this email does not add up to the circumstances and they in fact DID see your scores. I thought my scores to be fine and the feedback from other schools tend to agree. Bu
  6. I received an email that seemed sort of odd, considering I already have an interview (hence what we have been discussing). The body is quoted below. Anyone else get this email? My theory is this could just be a canned response, since it was addressed "Dear applicant" and referenced nothing about my candidacy. What do you guys think? "We recognize that you have probably sent your official GRE scores to Stanford University, and thank you for doing so. However, we kindly request that you reply to this e-mail and provide us with your unofficial scores. Due to pending technical integration i
  7. Awesome - the early dates seem to be a popular choice. I went with the mid card on the 13th -14th. Excited to check it all out as well.
  8. It is odd that Stanford would tell you to retake the GRE and still extend an interview. Their Medical School (which is now where the PA admissions resides) is known for determining academic readiness as a conditional statement; yes or no. By this nature, the extension of an interview for you means that they view you as academically prepared, despite the remarks were made about your GRE.
  9. For those of you who have replied to the interview invite with your chosen dates, did you get a confirmation that they indeed received your email?
  10. I am on my way to check out the DHSc link. And my desire to practice would not be subdued without actually practicing.
  11. I will be sure to check it out. I will be able to navigate around here with no problems very soon. If I haven't worn you out with questions as is, if I were to stay in academia (research), would you recommend going through PA school first? I see the DHSc is something you did after the fact. Primarily, I am research oriented with practice taking second place.
  12. How do you like the dhsc process you're doing, thus far? Out of the three you mentioned, I would be trying to earn the most applicable degree. I am in an area of research now that is really neat and I am cure to delve into some others... just don't ever want a degree I don't utilize.
  13. That may work, I will look further into that. Since we have established that having two certifications that allow clinical practice in Psychiatry is more of an unnecessary double-up, do you know of any option that allows for a PA to stay involved in academia? For physicians, they have MD/PhD programs, research Physicians and so forth. I would like to stay involved in academia without committing an overabundant amount of time in school.
  14. Well jeez, I would hope that I could at least perform in the realm of decent on the MCAT. Really, my blunder with pre-reqs for the MCAT is having to take Physics and Organic Chemistry II. Dreadfully fear Physics... I will still have to research PA outlooks in neuropsychology and behavioral health as a stand alone without the additional Psych degree. Interesting to know the realities of NP preference in Psychiatry though.
  15. Sorry, that was a little unclear. I mean impossible for both PsyD/PhD & PA to functionally coincide.
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