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  1. I am preparing a study guide for the final for Orgo I at UNE. Has anyone taken the final or preparing for it that would like to exchange info?
  2. Anyone take this class and care to share?? I am currently enrolled. Feel free to pm me. Thank you
  3. Hey-I took the midterm over weekend and think I aced it, not too bad. 80 views and no replies, that's awesome!
  4. Feel free to pm me. I'm taking it now, half way through and A-. If anyone has q's just ask, it's really not that diff but it is a lot of work.
  5. Has anyone taken this class @ UC Berkeley? How was the midterm and final. Thanks
  6. I'm taking uc berkeley online biochem now. No lab component just the 3 credit class. Pretty involved as all homework is essay-no problems and same goes for midterm and final. Half way thru and just starting une's orgo which I need to finish in 6 weeks, crazy.
  7. Hello All- I interviewed earlier this month, has anybody heard anything yet? I loved the campus and labs. The staff and students couldn't have been more helpful and pleasant. This is my only choice outside of New England. I'm so glad I decided to apply and interview here, definitely my 1st choice now and not just for the weather! Any info greatly appreciated. Thanks
  8. Thanks for the feedback. I believe one of the reasons I aced A&P I,II was that we had access to our university lab after hours. A small group of students and I would go and take our time and test each other there. I found this very helpful, especially since all participants put the time and effort in to studying before hand so the interactions were meaningful and productive. Australia sounds great, enjoy the surf! Have you decided on a specialty that brings you to land down under?
  9. Hey All- Can anyone comment on the cadaver lab i.e. is it shared with the med school students and if so do the pa students have their own "time" in lab alone? Also, what are the rotation choices like in and out of state? Thanks
  10. Hi all! Great resource this forum & congrats to all so far. I too am interviewing on Feb 13. Can anyone comment on the interview process, e.g. group vs. individual, etc. From the invitation seems like the staff wants to determine the enthusiasm and commitment level. That would be great as both of mine are off the charts! Thanks
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