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  1. Each article counts as 0.5 credits. Isn’t there a limit you can input per day into NCCPA?
  2. I also have UpToDate, through my alumni. How are we able to use it as CME?
  3. What makes your situation tough is you have been accepted in the city and/or state your wife prefers. Deciding to uproot to simply save $20K and avoid a lesser pass rate of 10% can be seen as trivial (and will add to the headache's PA school WILL give you). I agree with the points @UpRegulated made. Understand that 88% vs 98% can mean as little as 4 students vs 1 student didn't pass their FIRST try. Not exactly earth shattering. Also, your wife will undoubtedly find work as an RN. If housing is that 'expensive', her salary will help. Good luck and congratulations on you acceptance.
  4. Results arrive every Monday and Thursday. I recall taking mine on Friday. I received my results the next Thursday (6 day timeframe).
  5. Agree with above. The one thing I will advise is be ready for the mental fatigue. By the 4th and 5th exam your eyes and mind can become a bit tired.
  6. Personally, Inadequate clinical sites and faculty effort to find them. For the amount of pressure and expectation the program demands of you during didactic, I feel the effort for my class in finding suitable clinical sites was subpar (let's not forget we're paying thousands of dollars to these programs). On multiple occasions students were left stranded finding their next rotation sites DAYS before they began. Various students attempted to set up their own rotations and were threatened with expulsion because they were "soliciting". They've gone through 3 clinical coordinators. Let's hope their current coordinator actually works to find suitable clinical sites.
  7. considering state and federal Cali taxes, 96K quickly drops to 80K take home. Worth 100 patients a week?
  8. FB123

    take home pay

    I've held many professional jobs before entering PA school. However, none with a salary greater than 60K. I'm on rotations and was looking at average salaries per state. You can imagine my shocking disdain.
  9. FB123

    take home pay

    So, plugged in the 100K for various states. It seems regardless of where you live, federal, SS, medicaid, state taxes cut the take home by 30K minimum. In Cali, according to your calculation, roughly 53K/yr. Depressing
  10. Agreed. On my way to 4th quarter and the only time they reference chemistry in lectures is as a study aide
  11. Your stats are great. I was accepted by this program this year w/ a 3.4 overall and 3.6 science. GRE was 304 w/ 4/5 writing I believe. I had about 300 HCE as an EMT at time of interview. My interview was in early December I believe, so your timing is perfect. Good luck
  12. Currently they're planning the 14th 28th of august and 4th of Sept. Best of luck.
  13. The fact that you have enough saved up for PA school is awesome. But yeah you're set. I worked PT while getting prereqs (A's are more important than a meager salary). My program informed me recently that is a HUGE factor they consider when sending interview invites. Besides prereqs get your GRE above 300. Im sure your advisor gave you the specifics. Good luck
  14. Currently in 3rd quarter, my program started early (January). The biggest surprise for me was navigating 100+ PowerPoint slides per day, per class. Learning how to dissect the relevant info quickly and effectively will be an important skill
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